Workshop Weekend, Day with Ali, & Falcon Sightings

I have had a WHIRLWIND of a week!
First, I hosted my first Inspiration & Perspiration #inspireLV12 weekend.
It was one of the most memorable events of my life. I had two amazing guests; Angie Gooding, Body-Image Specialist and Bex from Bexlife awesomeness- specialist.

We talked about food, diets, personal issues and how our thoughts create our reality. We had a nice yoga session with Bex and went down to Crossfit Las Vegas to learn some skills and get our butts handed to us on a nice workout.
All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women.
Every woman walked away with not one but TWO huge goodie bags FILLED with stuff from MPG Sport, Labrada Lean Body 4 Her, Naturebox, KLUTCHClub, Perky Jerky, Zico, Chobani, MusclePharm, Quest Bar, Pure Barre and Train Dirty Fitness.
They also all received a very special gift, only available to participants and future participants of the workshop; The Inspiration & Perspiration necklace designed in thought by me and made into being by Creative Galina.

THEN, I was asked to speak to the ladies of UNLV Rebel Girls (dance team). I came in and told them my story of Metabolic Damage and how restrictive eating and over exercising can really cause damage. The girls were touched and there were many tears in the room.

I left that night feeling an overwhelming sense of purpose, that I was exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I needed to be doing. I actually called my husband and began to sob because of the overwhelming feelings I was having and also the small miracles that had been happening over the last few months that led me to this week.

The next day I flew to LAX to meet with Ali Brown, Entrepreneur mentor, whom I won a half day with in August. She is someone I admire and have been following for many years. The chance to sit in her home and strategize with her was an unbelievable experience that was very valuable to me. I share a little story in the video of a falcon sighting. Sometimes when we start to look for the signs in life, we will know when we are on the right path because they will be revealed to us.

Enjoy the video 😉 (PS ignore the random ZOOM halfway through, I couldn’t fix it.. so.. oh well!)

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  1. Beyond blessed to be there! and be part of this amazing event !!

  2. I think the zoom was symbolic too. It happened just when you where talking about a change happening. It was like it was highlighting that :) I really believe in symbolism and everything happening for a reason.

  3. Def won’t miss the next one!!!!!! I cant wait!

  4. Awesome Video! I am SO happy for you girl!! You are an Inspiration to ME and every woman you touch!!! Keep it up!!! <3


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