Why I spent $107.17 on a wallet

I posted this picture on Instagram. The top picture WAS my wallet, the bottom picture is my new wallet.

My zebra print one was a duct tape wallet (a little girl made me, it was cute, I liked it)

However, it was very sloppy, I definitely wouldn’t want to keep money in it, as lord knows what would happen. (LOL)

It did the job, kept my cards in one spot, my ID, etc. I never really cared what anyone thought about it.

I have always had issues keeping cash, in fact, I HATE having cash on me.

I am afraid I will lose it, it will get stolen, etc. and its very apparent, by my wallet, that I don’t “respect” money.
So, last week I had my meeting with my mentor and millionaire, Ali Brown.

Ali started asking me questions about money and she said, “Let me see your wallet.”


I never cared about showing anyone my wallet… in fact, I’d even bragged about it before, but sitting in her home.. suddenly I was EMBARRASSED. I KNEW what she was getting at.
I dug in my purse, and winced and uncomfortably laughed as I handed her my wallet (with receipts and cards falling out of it) ugh… (face turning red)
She basically flipped it over and said
“First, get a new wallet.. a NICE wallet.. and keep some money in there”
She also told me to start hanging out with people who have money. (my husband said, “So does this mean we should go hang around the Mercedes dealership on Monday?” LOL)
The reason for all this, and why I’m posting about it,  is simply, a MIND SHIFT.
I understand it, and she didn’t need to explain.
When I was forced to show her my wallet, my duct tape wallet, in the millionaire’s house, I got it.. right then.
I need to stop acting as if there is nothing, that I have nothing, or as soon as I do it’s gone.
I need stop fearing money and need to realize its ok to have money in my purse, in my wallet, in my bank account.
I need to feel ok with DESERVING it.Its a simple concept for me in weight-loss…
I have a client who lost 125 lbs.,  yet he still wore this HUGE gawd awful 3XL shirts! I hated that! Stop dressing like you’re fat!! You ARENT.
I totally GET IT..With money and myself, it was the same thing.
I continued to “wear fat pants” even though I am a successful (or trying to be successful) person.
Not only did I get a nicer wallet… I spent $100 fucking dollars on that wallet!
(This is something I would NEVER do… OMG… who spends $100 on a wallet?!!)
Well I did.
and you know what? I was really comfortable with it, and I LOVE my wallet… in fact, I took this so seriously, I went to every freakin’ store in the mall, from Gucci, to Fendi, to Louis Vuitton and I actually came back to the very first wallet I liked.
This is not to say that ANYONE needs to spend $100 on a wallet.
This was specifically significant for me and some of my personal hang-ups. (and I can tell  you right now, my mother is probably reading this and screaming in her kitchen, “Danyell I can’t believe you spent $100 on a wallet!!!…. its ok mom :) there’s more where that came from)
However, look within yourself.
Maybe its weight or clothing— you don’t deserve nice clothes because you “aren’t there yet” or you only eat cheap food because “you’re just going to poop it out anyway” (LOL but I’ve totally heard this)
Whatever it is.. is there something you are denying or maybe not giving the respect it needs in order for YOU to become a bigger and better version of you?
Hell, I know, not every millionaire has a nice wallet or a nice purse.
It is a reminder for ME. That is all.
I hope you can see where a mind shift may help you get out of whatever rut or block is holding you back :)
Be YOUR best YOU.

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  1. ♥ a nice wallet can simply make a girl feel special whenever she gets to use it :) great perspective!

  2. Good for you! We definitely need to treat oursevs. that’s why we work so darn hard, right?!?! SO PROUD OF YOU!

  3. Omg I totally get this! My mental shift was going clothes shopping after losing 70 lbs. This year… I had been wearing all my huge size 20’s and 16’s and the XL shirts. I took in some pants but they still fit big and bulky. Buying new clothes and fitting into a size. Me 10/12 was a huge ego boost! It was a big pat on the back to all the hard work I had put in over the last 8 months. The cherry on the sundae though was finally trying on a dress I has been lusting after for 3 months. I never thought I would be able to pull it off and not only did I pull it off, but I did so in a SMALL! Mental Shift indeed!

  4. Can I tell Mr. Borucki that you told me to go shopping today?

  5. Hmm, I have this problem..not with buying nice stuff, but wearing/using it! I have desinger jeans, shoes..and I tell myself they are too nice to wear for my 1 hr each way commute on the train; so I dont wear nice clothes/shoes to work. I say I will reserve them for when my husband and I go out. Then we go out, and I think, ‘why wear this for only 3 hours while I am sitting at a table’. And then I never wear my nice stuff. I need to get out of this mindset!!!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I agree, i work very hard and i support my kids without being on welfare. I do lile good things snd i work for a millionaire who tells me i deserve better things. She got me a michael kors hand bag as a gift. I dont see myself buying such a purse but once i started wearong it i felt lile i should dress accordly or my outfit wont go with the bag. I got dressed casuslly of course but i felt pretty and my kids loved it and told me how pretty i look. I realized that i dont fix myself as i should and i need to because somehow im letting myself go. Having nice things and dressing up or dressing down its ok . I try my best, thats all but im not shallow, im just a hard working mom!

  7. I love that wallet!

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