I asked what body parts you had a hard time finding exercises for and this was one you wanted!


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  1. Love this! Please do more of these!

  2. Awesome move! Can’t wait to try it!!

  3. I like your leggings!!! Where can I get that?

  4. This link does not work….cannot see the video….can you please re-post

  5. Jan, try kettlebell swings, I had similar issues and also hip flexor weakness and have resolved all with kettlebell workouts but the swing is a great basic strenthening move. Id recommend the classes if available in your area.

  6. czwonderland@yahoo.com says:

    Love it! Donkey donk:)

  7. do you have a modified version of this exercise-as I have 3 disks in my lower back that are bad and I have to pick and choose safe exercises. I love your website-it is fun, motivational, and upbeat.

  8. carolynb says:

    would love to buy some of ur videos-where can I find them. also I have a muffin top-and I need safe exercises due to my back-what would you recommend ? I do not know why ya did not answer my previous question about modifying the underbutt-please help me out here

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