Birthday Bash Winner Announced!!


JENNIFER ELLIS entry #2895

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Sweaty Betties are 1 year old!! Happy Birthday to us!! Of course no birthday bash is complete without presents!!


Talk about GREAT prizes — HO-LY COW!! Over $900 Value of Prizes!


There will only be ONE winner of all of this! So try to go through as many steps as you can to get the most entries!!




A “CLICKED-out” Beach Cruiser Bike from Click Espresso Protein Drink I’m soooo excited about this bike, I want it!!

CLICKED out Beach Cruiser Bike!


$100 Gift Certificate to

$100 Gift Certificate


Gift Set– 2 tins of our sugar free,0-5 calorie dessert flavored teas, 1 box of biscottea, and a tea strainer


From The Necessiteas



One pair of Skora Running Shoes

Pair of Skora Running Shoes


1 Case (4 boxes of 12) of Primitive Fuels Snacks

1 cases (4 boxes of 12) of Primitive Fuels Snacks!


1 Box of Simply Bar— low-calorie, high-protein bars

Box of 12 Simply Bars


One Month Klutch Club Box

One Month Klutch Club Box with lots of fun samples, gifts and surprises!


Steps to enter this giveaway:

    1. Using the widget below, complete all the steps that say REQUIRED.  They are the first 3.  That is all you have to do, no more, no less.  If you choose to do the rest you will gain extra entries and increase your chances of winning.


  • After the required entries are completed, complete one, two, or all of the extra entry requirements to increase your chances of winning



  • After you are done for the day, you can COME BACK EVERYDAY and share this giveaway via the social media outlets at the bottom of this post for an additional entry.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Paula Varble says:

    What a cool giveaway…and I’m glad it’s only running four day so we don’t have to wait long to win! Thanks for being so generous!!!

  2. pauline butcher says:

    Happy Bday to the sweaty betties…I still remember when you had less then a 100 fans. I love the attitude :)

  3. Happy Birthday to all The Sweaty Betties (and whatever else I want…lol)

  4. Happy Birthday to ALL of The Sweaty Betties!!!!! <3

  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Sweaty betties!!

  7. Happy Birthday!! What a great giveaway!

  8. This giveaway is a-ma-zing!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties……….

  11. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!! How exciting?!

  12. Happy Birthday to alllll the sweaty betties! :)

  13. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!

  14. Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday to the Best named Fitness junkies around!

  16. Lisa Taylor says:

    Happy BDay!!! Thanks for all the hard work!

  17. Serena Rebechini says:

    Happy BiRtHdAy all you sexy ars Sweaty Betties!! W00T W00T!

  18. Lisa Fulton says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! :)

  19. So cool! Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!

  20. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!

  21. Happy Birthday!!!! Love the prizes :)

  22. Dijah Padilla says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!!!

  23. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties :)

  24. Sadie Zeuner says:

    Happy birthday!!

  25. Crystal Froemming says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! So excited for this celebration, can’t believe it’s already been a year of inspiration, workouts, learning and fun! Keep the awesome coming!

  26. Happy Birthday SB’s! Y’all rock!
    Don’t be a Bitch!

  27. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!!! I am such a fan of your page you are amazing and love everything you post!!! Also what an incredible giveaway I am so excited!!!!!

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw, I LOVE your top!! Exciting giveaway!

  29. Happy birthday!!!

  30. Happy birthday your amazing sweaty Bettie’s

  31. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!!! LOVE having your 1-year-old self in my life!!!

  32. I love love love that beach cruiser bike. I want a bike so bad!

  33. Enjoy your posts :0) Happy Birthday!

  34. claudette zepeda says:

    Happy Birthday Betties!!

  35. Terri Gray-Smith says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!! Loving this giveaway! Love your site! :)

  36. Jennifer Bell says:

    Happy Birthday! This is so awesome of you to give away such amazing prizes…Already loved you now feel loved 😀

  37. Happy Birthday! What a sweet giveaway!

  38. Tena Lengacher says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!! I LOVE the Beach cruiser, just bought my daugther one & I can see both of us sweating it up on the boardwalk of VA Beach!

  39. Happy birthday SB’s!!!

  40. Nikki Juarez says:

    Happy Birthday to SB! A big thank you for all your hard work and dedication motivating the rest of us :)

  41. Janell Dommer says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEATY BETTIES!! Awesome prize package =D

  42. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! Danny J you are an inspiration thank you for all the time and effort to put fort ! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! :)

  43. Happy birthday Sb’s!!!!!!! Here’s to many more to come :)

  44. Hfrentheway says:


  45. Happy Birthday! Love your energy in this video! =)

  46. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEATY BETTIES!!!!!!!!! Cheers to another year of awesomeness <3
    Thank you Danny J for everything you do to keep us sweaty! You are an inspiration, and have a great sense of humor. Love that you remind us that being healthy and exercising is FUN!

  47. Michelle Lopez says:

    Happy Birthday Sweat Betties!

  48. Wow!!! Now that’s a giveaway!!! It’s an awesome way to motive a workout begginer like me. I’m just starting to be active so I can set an example for my daughter. To be able to run with her everywhere she wants to and have the energy to do it. This is just great!!!

  49. Happy birthday Sweaty Betties!! Thanks for your fab site and all of the great info you provide to us! Keep it up!!!

  50. Jill Greenwell says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEATY BETTIES!!! I am loving all of the workout videos you are posting!!! Keep them coming!!!

  51. Happy Birthday SB. Love the giveaway.

  52. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you get to SWEAT it out today!!

  53. Happy birthday SB! Wishing you all the best! You are AWESOME!

  54. Happy Birthday Sweaty Bettie’s! Looking goooood after allll….this year! Muah!

  55. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! Love you gals!

  56. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! That bike would be an awesome way to get back in shape after my baby :)

  57. Happy birthday, Sweaty Betties!

  58. Lindsey Lipovsky says:

    Happy Birthday! Love your site!!

  59. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! Thank you so much for inspiring me to be a healthier, happier, and funnier person everyday!

  60. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!

  61. Andreia Hutcheson says:

    Happy Birthday super Sweaty Betties!! I have followed you chicas from the beginning and you are so inspiring! And have helped me TREMENDOUSLY!! From food talk to health talk you chicks rock!

  62. Cassie Abbott says:

    Happy birthday ladies! You guys make me laugh

  63. trisha van horn says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! Love your page!

  64. Diana Ortega says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties : ) !! May this be the first of many many more years ! :) Thanks Danny J for all the inspiration, tips, and dedication to the sweaty betties :)

  65. Happy Birthday to ALL the Sweaty Betties out there! Congratulations Danny! You should be so proud of what you have accomplished in one year. 😀 So incredibly happy for you!

  66. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!!!

  67. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You all are awesome!!!

  68. Awesome giveaway – I would share with my entire family! Congrats & Happy Birthday & Thnks so much!

  69. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! Thank you for sharing all of your tips, workouts and inspirations with us!

  70. Happy Birthday Betties! Don’t be a… You know! 😉

  71. Susan fowler says:

    Happy birthday, ladies!

  72. Happy Birthday to Sweaty Betties! Keep it sweaty and don’t be a bitch!

  73. Happy Birthday!! Congrats on making it one year :) Keep on keeping on lady!!!!

    PS: You Rock :)

  74. Wow.. what an awesome giveaway! I would LOVE to win this for my wife because she rocks and she deserves it!! Thanks!

  75. Happy birthday to all the Sweaty Betties out there! This is the only place where I feel we can all inspire each other to push ourselves to the max, and we all have the same goal.

  76. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!! This is the most awesome giveaway! :)

  77. Yo! Happy Birthday to ALL the Sweaty Betties. Let’s do Work!

  78. Happy birthday!!! Do we get cake?!?

  79. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!!

  80. Happy Birthday, Sweaty Betties! Seriously one of the most fun and most informative fitness sites out there. You rock, Danny J!

  81. Hooray!! Happy birthday, you guys rock

  82. Happy Birthday!!! You are too sweet giving away stuff when it’s your day! Sweaty Betties rocks!

  83. Happy Birthday Biatches!!!!! Thanks for such a cool give away!

  84. YAY!!! I LOVE BiRtHdAyS!!! And mine happens to be this Friday! Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!! You rock! Hope you are made to feel like a queen on your special day!!! A sweaty, ripped queen! :o)

  85. Celebrate your blog birthday by giving me a bike!!!!! lol….

  86. happy birthday! Love your site!

  87. Happy Birthday to you!!!! What a fun community of hard working ladies you have created! You should be very proud!!

  88. Jessica Forsyth says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!

  89. Kristy Wilson says:

    Happy Birthday to all the Sweaty Betties!

  90. Happy birthday! That bike is awesome!! So adorable and I would love it!!

  91. Happy 1st Birthday SB!!!! I’m new to your site/blog/fb page but I already love ya’ll!!! Glad to be part of your birthday celebration and keep up the great work!!!

  92. Jennifer Garcia says:

    Happy birthday! What a great way to celebrate! Good luck to everyone :)

  93. Happy birthday to the Sweaty Betties! Congrats on your 1st year

  94. Deborah Tweedy says:

    Happy Birthday Sweety -Sweaty Betties!!!

  95. Jacqueline miller says:

    Happy birthday :)

  96. Happy birthday! I know you will continue to do great!

  97. Stacy White says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties:)^

  98. Wishing you fabulously sweaty birthday celebrations!!!

  99. Happy Birthday!

  100. Congratulations on a one year anniversary – love your generosity to share with us – love all the prizes = thanks!

  101. Happy Birthday to all the Sweaty Betties..enjoy :)

  102. Awesome giveaway! You’ve inspired me to do something similar for my blog site’s 1 year birthday too! :)

  103. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! I love your site and especially the WORKOUTS!!

  104. Awesome giveaway!!!! Happy Birthday betties!!!!!!

  105. Hey Danny Happy 1 year!!! This prize giveaway is awesome, great sponsers. You are very motivating, I am glad I came across your page. I find myself heading to your page day after day before anything else. Thanks for all that you put into your page and I can’t wait to get a SB tshirt!

  106. Awesome! Happy Birthday!!

  107. Charlie Melvin says:

    Happy Birthday Betties! I love this giveaway!

  108. Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the inspiration and awesome workouts!!!

  109. happy birthday!

  110. Happy Birthday! Flippin great giveaway! Thank you for the motivation, laughs and tips!

  111. Ashleigh Moshier says:

    You ladies are so inspiring! Happy Birthday and here’s to many more!!!

  112. Like everyone else says! Killer give aways :) Such cool gifts! Happy Birfday SB’s!

  113. Jennifer Cortez says:

    Happy birthday swetty Betty’s !! Xo


  115. I can’t believe you guys are only a year old! What a generous give-away from an awesome SB :) Danny-J you rock, and I always love reading the blog, checking out the workouts, and of course…IPF 😉 Happy Birthday!

  116. Happy Bday!!! from debi at

  117. Katherine Carty says:

    Happy Birthday! and Thank you for all the support, encouragement and motivation!!!

  118. Amanda Wright says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for inspiring everyone, especially me! :)

  119. Happy Birthday! best. giveaway. ever.

  120. Happy Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!!

  121. Wahoo! Happy Birthdayyyy!!!!!

  122. Kristen Titus says:

    Love you site – inspirational and always fun!

  123. Happy Birthday!!!! What a great prize package!

  124. Wow I can’t believe it’s been a year! Congrats Danny! woooot!

  125. Happy Bday!

  126. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!! Danny J you are sooo awesome.. seriously you are so educated and you make fitness fun. You are the real deal, your facebook page is the best fitness page out there. Youre such an inspiration to women including myself 😀 Go girl!!

  127. Holly Kabler says:

    Sweaty Bettie’s Happy Birthday! You really get it! You understand everything I’m going through with MD and make me feel like I’m not alone!

  128. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! I was(and still am) so happy I found you:-)

  129. happy birthday! thanks for all your help to become healthy!

    • ali Happy Birthday to all The Sweaty Betties….. Thanks for the challenges, workouts and fun! Oh, & for teaching us to not be B!tches.

  130. Happy Birthday Sweatie Betties and Congratulations!

  131. Happy Birthday! What a fabulous prize pack!! I would love it & it is almost my birthday :)

  132. happy birthday, sweaty betties!!!! :)

  133. Happy Birthday! LOVING THE PRIZES!!!!

  134. Happy Birthday!

  135. Happy Bday! Great giveaway!


  137. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEATY BETTIESSSSS!!!! awesome year, even more awesome ones to come!! <3

  138. Happy Birthday to all The Sweaty Betties– and whatever else you want 😉

  139. Jennifer E. says:

    Happy Birthday to all The Sweaty Betties 😉

  140. jaymie nickerson says:

    Amazing!!! Love you sweaty betties!!

  141. Happy Birthday sweaty betties! I love following your blog and reading your facebook posts!

  142. Marin Turner says:

    Happy Birthday to The Sweaty Betties. You are an inspiration to me in my journey!


  144. LOVE you, Sweaty Betties!!! Happy birthday and keep on rockin!!!

  145. YAY, Happy Birthday!!!!! That’t the cutest bike ever. Also, it’s my birthday TOMORROW! :)

  146. happy birthday ladies!

  147. Cassie Britton says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty betties! I just recently found you all, and think you are so inspiring!


  149. brittany ramsey says:

    We recently moved from the country to town. I need a bike to get me around! I wouldd LOVE this!!

  150. Well, don’t mind if I do! Happyyyyyy Biiiiirrrtthday, Sweaty Betties!! Bring on da prizezzz!!!
    Hey, Ms. Danny! Congratulations to a well accomplished year! Keep on keepin’ on!

  151. Awesome job on the year!

  152. Happy Birthday sweaty betties!! Let’s continue this great journey together!! Encouraging and motivating each other!! Thanks For all you do Danny!!

  153. Happy Birthday to all The Sweaty….seriously the CUTEST BIKE EVER!

  154. Natasha McIntosh says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Bettie’s!!! Here is to the sweat, tears and many, many more Sweaty Bettie’s Birthday years (2come)!!!

  155. Happy birthday 😉

  156. Stevie Lockhart says:

    just wanna say Happy Birthday, Sweaty Betties! great giveaway! all of the prizes are AMAZING!:) thanks so much for all the information on fitness and all the fabulous videos… keep ’em comin!:)

  157. Jason Adams says:

    Very cool thing you are doing Danny. Stuff like this makes me more happy to have you as my trainer

  158. Kari Schmidt says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  159. Been with you guys since just before the Joplin tornado 😉 You both are so inspirational and awesome!!! I am thankful that you both have started this! Happy birthday Sweaty Betties!!!! Keep on inspiring us with your awesomeness!!!!!

  160. Vickie Alford says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I look forward to many more celebrations with you! Love your workouts and information that you post. Thank you for all that you do and share!

  161. I want to win this SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. That bike, those shoes. OMG!!!! PLEASE!!!

  162. Kaidie Morris says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! Thank you for always being there for some advice or just a good laugh.

  163. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties. Cheers to many more. I always remember … Don’t be a bitch!


  165. Robin Kabobin says:

    Awesome Giveaway girls, and Happy First Birthday!!!!

  166. Happy Birthday!

  167. Happy Birthday to The Sweaty Betties! Looking forward to seeing the awesome-ness you’ll bring in the next year!

  168. Happy Birthday to especially you Danny….the Sweaty Betties would be nothing without you!!! :) Oh and “don’t be a bitch” 😉

  169. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! The first one is the best one! (:

  170. Happy Birthday!

  171. Yvette jihadi says:

    Happy birthday! This is the best giveaway ever! U are awesome

  172. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!! :)

  173. That bike is to DIE for!! Happy birthday!! I can’t believe it’s only been one year! You guys have done amazing things in such a short time!


  175. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!! Love you girls!

  176. Happy Birthday!

  177. Yeah! Happy Birthday Sweaty Bettie’s!

  178. Wowza what an amazing giveaway! Fingers, legs, arms and toes crossed!

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!

  179. Happy birthday Sweaty Betties!

  180. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SWEATY BETTIES!!! Thank you for all of the wonderful work you have done to help all of us!

  181. Congrats amd Happy Birthday! :-)

  182. Happy Birthday!!!:)

  183. Happy birthday, Sweaty Betties!

  184. Happy birthday! What an awesome giveaway!

  185. Happy 1st Birthday! Sharing is caring.

  186. HappyHappy Birthday! You ladies are awesome for having this giveaway! I know I have very little chance of winning, but I’m glad I found your blog now! Looking forward to following your future posts!!! :)

  187. Branden Loock says:

    Hey Danny-J!
    Happy Birthday to the Sweaty Betties!!! So glad this is going so well for you!
    Congratulations to you on the 1 year Birthday!
    Keep up the awesome work!

  188. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweay Betties! Love following your posts and getting all your great advice and workouts. Congrats to Danny J for your recent contest win and thans for such great give away prizes. Go Sweaty Betties – don’t be a bitch!! :)

  189. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Just recently discovered you through Bex and I’m loving what I’m seeing!

  190. Happy Birthday to you!!!! This is one of my all time favorite pages and am constantly talking about you all. Please let Aubrie know we miss her and wish her well in her life changes. Much love to you both and the entire Sweaty Betty family!

  191. shared on facebook and twitter! Great giveaway!!!

  192. Happy Birthday! :)

  193. Kristina Anderson says:

    Happy Birthday Sweatie Betties! I am so glad I found this page, it has given me so much encouragement over the last few months on my fitness journey, thank you!

  194. Kristina Anderson says:

    HTROops, just saw my typo, annoying, Happy Birthday SWEATY Betties is what I was trying to type.

  195. Happy Birthday All You Sweaty Betty’s! I’m so glad I found you. You are fun, fierce and fit. I look forward to your posts, comments and of course Inappropriate Picture Friday. Love you! p.s. Don’t be a Bitch!

  196. The Sweaty Betties are awesome, and I love reading their motivational and educational advice. Happy birthday!

  197. Dawn Cooksey says:

    Happy birthday !!!!

  198. I love the Sweaty Betties!! Happy birthday!

  199. Kendra belt says:

    Happy birthday! Awesome giveaway!

  200. happy birthday !

  201. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! What a grest chance to win some really great swag! Thanks for the opportunity and for always offering support and inspiration!!B-)

  202. happy b-day

  203. Denise Wright says:

    Happy Birthday!!


  205. Happy birthday & wish you many more

  206. Leyna Brennan says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!!!

  207. Jessica Anderson says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!! You inspire me.

  208. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks for the motivation :o)

  209. Audrey Adams says:

    Oh this is just awesome! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!!!

  210. Happy birthday, Sweaty Betties!

  211. Happy Birthday to you!!!

  212. Happy Happy Birthday Gals! Thanks for your sweat and inspiration!

  213. Happy Birthday!

  214. Happy Birthday!

  215. Happy Happy Birthday to you!! Awesome giveaway prizes!!

  216. happy to say i’m a very sweaty betty!!!! happy birthday!!!!

  217. Happy Birthday – thanks for a year’s worth of great workout ideas and motivation!!

  218. Kendra Jones says:

    I have been SUPER EXCITED to hear about your giveaway…and it’s even more awesome than I thought it would be!! Happy Birthday and congrats on all of your accomplishments!!! Stay awesome and have a ridiculously amazing day :)

  219. Happy Birthday Sweaty Bettie’s!! I love all of the giveaways…Especially the bike!

  220. I would love to win i mean I’m winning everyday just by following you sexy girls lol

  221. Happy Birthday and what a great giveaway

  222. Sarahi Cruz says:

    Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties…Awesome giveaway! Keep up the good work :)

  223. Danny, you know I love your vids! I look forward to them being uploaded…but I really am loving this one 3 <3 Free is my favorite F word lol

  224. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!

  225. Alya Morgan says:

    Happy Birthday Beaties!!!! What a great giveaway

  226. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!! this bike is awesome!!

  227. Happy birthday!

  228. Awesome give away!

  229. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! You guys are killin it :)

  230. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!

  231. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sweaty Betties… I’d LOVE to have a birthday present along with yoy

  232. Happy Birthday Sweaty Beeties hope it’s the best birthday yet!! : )

  233. Amanda Myers says:

    Happy Birthday

  234. Christine G says:

    Happy Birthday :-)

  235. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! I look forward to another year of bad ass workouts and motivational stories.

  236. Miranda Mora says:

    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday Dear Sweaty Betties
    Happy Birthday to You.

    From good friends and true,
    From old friends and new,
    May good luck go with you,
    And happiness too.

  237. Happy Birthday! I love the snacks in the giveaway!

  238. Tracy Pigors says:

    Happy birthday! Awesome giveaway!!

  239. Happy Birthday Sweary Betties!

  240. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! Love the bike!!

  241. Happy Birthday to all The Sweaty Betties !!!!!!

  242. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you!!! I wish you another great year ahead! :)

  243. Lisa Colón says:

    Happy Birthday!! Awesome give aways =)

  244. I found your blog because of Click’s post on FB. I’ll definitely be browsing some of your workout posts!

  245. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties. Here’s to many more sweaty birthdays!

  246. Happy birthday to all the sweaty Bettie’s!! Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  247. Happy birthday Sweaty Betties!

  248. Happy Birthday Betties!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  249. Elizabeth L says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  250. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!!

  251. Amanda Cotcher says:

    Happy Birthday!!! That beach cruiser is amazing!!!

  252. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! I love all of the workouts and nutrition tips…so keep up the good work!

  253. Samantha golden says:

    Happy birthday to all the sweaty Bettie’s!!!

  254. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! :-)

  255. Best giveaway ever, and while this is my first visit to your website, it won’t be the last! I really enjoyed it!

  256. Happy Birthday to you & to me!!! September Birthdays R.O.C.K.
    Super sweet gifts!

  257. Happy Birthday to the Sweaty Betties!


  259. Uhhhh… I want that bike!

  260. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :-)

  261. Happy Birthday!

  262. This is awesome – Hope I win!!!

  263. Happy birthday ladies!!! Jordan love you both and you continue to inspire her as well as make her laugh!

  264. Happy B-day to the Sweaty Betties!

  265. Happy birthday

  266. Happy Birthday

  267. Happy bday to the Sweaty Betties!

  268. Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing!!

  269. Awesome giveaway!! Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!

  270. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!!!!! You girls rock and this is an awesome give away!!!!

  271. Great giveaway. That bike is sweet!! Happy Birthday SB’s!!

  272. You guys are awesome! What a great way to celebrate 1 year!

  273. Happy Birthday!!!

  274. *Happy happy birthday*
    *from all of us, to you*
    *we’re glad you have a birthday*
    *so we can party, too!*

    another rotation around the sun filled with inspiration and SWEAT!!! Happy Birthday!! 😀

  275. Happy birthday to The Sweaty Betties!!! Looking forward to sooooo many more!!! :)

  276. Happy Birtthday, Betties! Crossing my fingers in hopes that I win the bike. So cute!

  277. FANTASTIC giveaway!!! Happy Birthday!

  278. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :) Love all that you stand for!

  279. Great giveaway!!! happy bay!

  280. Awesome awesome giveaway! Congratulations on your ongoing success and happy happy berfday!

  281. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!!! I’m so glad I found your site!!

  282. Happy Birthday to The Sweaty Betties! And Super Congratulations on being the Top Female Entreprenuer of the year! You are doing amazing things for all of us. To many more sweaty years!

  283. Happy Birthday Sweatie Betties! Thanks for the great birthday giveaways!!! 1 year!!! YAHOO!

  284. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!! Thanks for setting up a great giveaway!!

  285. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties :) I NEED that bike…yes, I do!!

  286. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! Congrats!

  287. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!

  288. ms. chris jenks says:

    You guys ROCK! This is a great promo sweepstakes! thanks for doing it! Happy Birthday! :O)

  289. Awww Happy’s so kind of you to share your birthday gifts!!! Thanks!

  290. Wooohooo can’t wait to hear about who won the giveaway!

  291. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties :)

  292. Happy birthday and many happy returns.

  293. Lauren Kaelin says:

    Loving the 12 week lifting program! Happy birthday!!!

  294. Happy Birthday!!! What a great giveaway. Thanks for all you do and the support you give!

  295. Gerallt Davies says:

    Happy Birthday to the awesome Sweaty Betties……….hope you continue your great work for years to come :)

  296. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!

  297. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!

  298. Happy Birthday!! You are such an inspiration. Thank you for all you do

  299. Jennifer Weinald says:

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy Sweaty Betties!!!! <3 the birthday gifts :)

  300. Amazing giveaway. Happy birthday!

  301. Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties!

  302. !Happy birthday

  303. Happy Birthday!

  304. Happy Birthday!!!!

  305. yay happybirthday SB! looks like alot of goodies here lol *crosses fingers*

  306. Brandy Barnette says:

    Happy Birthday to ALL of The Sweaty Betties!!!!!! Hap birt day! <3

  307. woohoo! great contest! :)

  308. Heather England says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  309. Happy birthday, you sweaty betties you!

  310. Happy Birthday!! What a great giveaway :)

  311. Great giveaway. Hoping to win!!!!

  312. Heidi Waser says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Sweaty Betties! Much continued success! Now lemme win that bike!!! :)

  313. Kristen Wirth says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  314. Happy Birthday!!!
    And thanks for the giveaway!! So cool!!

  315. Happy birthday! And good luck in Dallas! I love Tx!

  316. Happy Birthday!!

  317. Jennifer Hill says:

    Happy Birthday to all The Sweaty Betties

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