Tabata Shoulder Blast- SBW#7

Tabata Shoulder Blast

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Today’s workout is a TABATA workout

Tabata training is generally 4 mins. of 4 exercises (16 mins) where you do each exercise for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest.  You can actually do any number of rounds and time, but this is the basic idea. 

Today’s Tabata workout is SHOULDER INTENSE——> SHOULDER BLAST!

What you need:

  • a timer (you can download Tabata App, Workout Timer, or Boxing Timer)
  • two light- medium weights (3-8 lb. Dumbbells or soup cans)
  • one medium-heavier weight (kettlebell, dumbbell, jug of water (8-15 lbs)

April Abs & A$$ Challenge!

Let's work on those Abs and Booty in April!

We hope everyone enjoyed adding some raw veggies to their daily meals in March and maybe now have a great habit. We also hope you didn’t fall off the workout wagon and maybe caught up on some old challenges!

For April, we want to focus on the two body parts we get asked about the most:
ABS and ASS…. BELLY and BOOTYTUMMY and TUSH…. whatever you want to call it, you know you want to tone it!

So first off, let us please be reminded THERE IS NO SPOT REDUCTION>>>> Abs are made in the kitchen and the reduction of cellulite comes from removing toxins and also cleaning up the diet

However, we still want to be toned, tight, and looking fabulous so we’re going to give these areas our full focus in April…. Abs & Ass… (or A squared?)


Here’s the Deal–


You had April 1st off– so get to work! #dontbeabitch

Week 1- Abs– 30 crunches

                 Ass– 30 Air Squats

Week 2- Abs– 40 crunches

                  Ass– 40 Air Squats

Week 3- Abs– 50 crunches

                  Ass– 50 Air Squats

Week 4- Abs– 60 crunches

                 Ass– 60 Air Squats

Click on Link For Demo:


Air Squats

Let's work on those Abs and Booty in April!