Back-to-School September Challenge

Back-to-School Challenge

Remember back in the day (maybe 4th grade-ish) the Presidential Fitness Tests? (or similar fitness testing?)

Well… its Back-to-School Time —time to do it again! Lets establish a baseline!

Here’s the Challenge: 


Only 3 tests:

1. Walk/jog/run 1 mile for time: You can do this on a track or treadmill. Just do your best!
2. Sit-ups for 1 minute: Lock your feet down (or have a partner hold them) then cross your arms over your chest and go!! (elbows must touch your knees to count)
3. Push-ups to Failure: Do as many push-ups as you can (with good form) you may do them on your knees. As soon as you “come down” thats it!

The main goal is to TRY! Do your best! Then for the next 4 weeks, lets work on that fitness level and we’ll test again! Can’t wait to see the results!! READY… SET… GO!!




3. Work your ass off for a month— (incorporate the exercises during the week!)

—— Mondays: Do 3 sets of 30 sit-ups at the end of your workout

——-Wednesdays: Walk/Jog 1.5 miles as warm-up for cardio

——-Fridays: Do 3 sets of 15-25 push-ups

4. Record Scores Again October 26-30th


Sexy Summer Shoulders


This is a great shoulder sculpting routine that combines weights and resistance with a little bit of metabolic calorie burning-

Start with 3 types of Raises (3-5lb. Dumbbells suggested)

10 Front Raises

10 Lateral Raises (Thumbs up)

10 Lateral Raises (Thumbs down)


8 Front Raises

8 Lateral Raises (Thumbs up)

8 Lateral Raises (Thumbs down)

Then repeat for 6, 6, 6, 4, 4, 4, 2, 2, 2


Sumo Squat to Upright Row— 20 times


10 Push-ups

10 Shoulder Taps

8 Push-ups

8 Shoulder Taps

6, 6, 6, 4, 4, 4, 2, 2, 2

and done!

Fastest Fat Blaster



FastestFat Blaster

WATCH THIS (get more workouts)

The Witch is Dead– SB Workout #22



3-2-1 Workout

Screen shot 2012-10-11 at 4.25.08 PM

This workout isn’t quite as easy as 3-2-1 but its effective and you’re done in 20 mins. So with that…. LET’S GO!!

(also, don’t forget to download your FREE 12-week workout program to print & take to the gym)

Metabolic Workout #1


A metabolic workout is a HIGH INTENSITY workout designed to go through different movements, with little rest, often using large muscle groups and big compound movements or shuttling blood quickly from lower body to upper body.

Most metabolic workouts are short, intense and will give you a full body workout with a great “after-burn”– your metabolism will be up for hours afterward!

Here is an example of one to try today:



Air Squats


Falling Push-Ups

Start with 50 reps of air squats, followed quickly by 50 plank/straddles, followed by 50 falling push-ups. Without resting (too much) go on to 40 reps of each, and so on all the way down to 10 reps of each exercise. TIME IT! (#dontbeabitch)

December Sweaty Betties Push-Up Challenge!

Let's DO this!!

Alrighty Betties and Buddies (?) are you ready for the December Challenge?!
We understand that a lot of people started the Burpee Challenge later and are still working on their 50 Burpees a Day for 50 Days. WE are also going to be traveling a LOT this month, so we wanted to make this a little “easier” but it will only be easier for about 2 weeks… LOL

This is the Push-Up Challenge:

You will do 1 push-up on Dec. 1st..
2 Push-ups on Dec. 2nd..
and so on, until you do 31 consecutive push-ups by the end of the month.


The goal is to be able to do ALL of them in a row, but just do what you can and get the reps in! If you are still doing burpees, it won’t be so bad at least til about day 15+ but we know our Betties are BadAss and you can handle it!!

On this challenge feel free to post some “Push-Up Christmas Videos”!! We want to see you doing those push-ups in your presents and wrapping paper, or under your trees!! Lets see em’ and post to our FB Page as “SweatyBetties Push-Up Challenge!”

**PS If you are a guy(or gal) who really wants to be cool, you can double the push-ups (2 a day– by the end you’ll do 62)**


Let’s DO this!!

Thanksgiving Day 20-Minute Turkey Workout!



**you don’t have to use a turkey… but it IS more fun

1 min. each exercise then 1 min. rest– repeat 3 times for a total of 20 mins!

1. Kettlebell/Turkey Swings

2. Reverse Lunges with Overhead Turkey

3. Plyometric Push-ups Alternating Arms (switch turkey)

4. Ab twists with turkey

5. Turkey Thrusters

6. Turkey Tricep Extensions

7. REST 1 min.

annnnnnd REPEAT x 3


**Special Thanks to for providing pants!



Total Body Home Workout

Arms/Chest– Push-Ups

Triceps– Chair Dips

Abs– crunches and sit-ups

Legs/Glutes– Stair Step-ups and Lunges


For a fun home workout create a small circuit!

25-50 crunches

15-25 push-ups

20-30 alternating lunges

15-20 dips

Then repeat 3 times!