My Favorite Books


Lately I have been asked by quite a few people what are some books that I recommend.

If you don’t know me well, let me just tell you, I am quite the book nerd. I love to read, however, I definitely don’t get as much of a chance to read as often as I’d like.

(I know,I know, you have to make the time!! I need to make more time to read!)

Anyway, I thought I would post a few of these books so you have a great place to start if you’re looking for motivation, diet advice or just want some solid NO BS information.

“Diet/Lifestyle Books”

The Dark Side of Fat Loss— this is an e-book by a colleague of mine, Sean Croxton. I fully trust Sean because he’s def, a no b.s. guy when it comes to all things training and diet. He admits that he was wrong in the past (as was I) and he asks all the right questions of all the right people on his podcast “The Underground Wellness Show
This e-book is a great resource and you can download it now!


The Metabolic Effect— this book is written by a friend, colleague and mentor of mine, Jade Teta and his brother Keoni Teta. I know Jade personally and his methods of training are without a doubt things that I use in my training everyday. He’s great at simplifying difficult concepts and helping your figure out YOUR personal fat-burning formula. I love the approach, because we are all different. This is a great resource for anyone to have!

Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!— by Jillian Michaels. Ok another fact about me, I LOVE JILLIAN MICHAELS. I’d have to say she is my idol? Maybe. I just love her straight-forward, no B.S. approach, and in her years of working with severely obese people, I think she’s learned a thing or two. I also have  a lot in common with her (besides our careers) dealing with thyroid issues among other things. Jillian’s book is great, its not always easy to understand, or follow, but its a good, solid piece of info as well if you want to get off the weight-loss roller coaster once and for all.


Then I have two books that I love for self-growth, personal development and goal setting.

Twelve Pillars— by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener. O.M.G. Jim Rohn is one of my favorite speakers of all time. I sadly learned about him only 3 months before he passed away. I wish I could have seen him speak in person. This book is a simple story of a man who breaks down on the side of the road and learns some wonderful lessons from a gardner. The lessons you can apply to your jobs, your family, your weight-loss, anything! I simply cannot say enough about this book. You can finish it in less than a weekend too!

 Excuses Begone!— Dr. Wayne Dyer. I actually have the CDs of this book, because I love listening to Dr. Dyer while I drive. This book is about how you can change your mental outlook and get rid of any bad habit, any self-defeating thought simply with a shift in your paradigm.