Fastest Fat Blaster



FastestFat Blaster

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500-Calorie Candy Torcher

500 Calorie Burn workout

OK… maybe you aren’t like me and didn’t eat half a bag of tootsie rolls.. well if not, good for you (show off! LOL)
Either way, I’m sure you could still use an awesome workout!
Beginners can go through this once; if you’re advanced, go through it 3 times and then you can decide if its a Calorie Torcher…. or just TORTURE!

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500 Calorie BURN- Candy Calorie Torcher!

Total Body Home Workout

Arms/Chest– Push-Ups

Triceps– Chair Dips

Abs– crunches and sit-ups

Legs/Glutes– Stair Step-ups and Lunges


For a fun home workout create a small circuit!

25-50 crunches

15-25 push-ups

20-30 alternating lunges

15-20 dips

Then repeat 3 times!