Metabolic Damage Follow-Up and Resources


If  you didn’t see my first video on this subject, please watch it HERE

Basically, I, as well as many, many of you competitors, group-ex instructors, marathon runners and long term dieters, have caused our bodies to STOP doing what they are supposed to and even start reacting opposite of natural; meaning– calories in/calories out doesn’t mean shit!!

Its all about hormones people and any doctor who tells you other wise doesn’t know WTF he/she’s talking about. This is REAL, it sucks, it takes away your sex drive, your motivation, strength, energy, and you gain weight by hardly doing anything, so you diet more, exercise more, all the while becoming exhausted, frustrated, and depressed. (sound about right?)

Sighhhh… well, I’ve been dealing with it for 2 years now, doing a LOT of things wrong (basically trying to “diet” my way out of it) and NOW I’m finally listening to my body, working with people who know their shit… and its SLOW, I’m learning patience and learning that there is more to ME than just the outside…. and I’m ok with not being lean, small, and getting comments about being so fit. I’m enjoying more of LIFE, eating out more, being a little more relaxed about things, and guess what?? I’m OK!! AND I haven’t gained more weight or blown up like I feared! In FACT– as soon as I stopped working out and eating what I wanted (because I thought “Fuck it, I’m getting fat anyway”) I stopped gaining!!
After working with some professionals on a plan for a few months, I’m actually DOWN about 6 lbs too (which is awesome to lose weight when you are eating more and literally not working out at all)

Watch my video here and then all the links will be below:

The drugs that I WAS taking after going to half a dozen Doctors  (and didn’t feel a damn bit better):


DHEA— thanks to this I had a hair grow from my chin. EFF that!






Prozac— yeah… and I was still depressed as shit.

Now— I am only taking 1 prescription– Armour Thyroid and a bunch of supplements, but feel so much better. The doses are not listed, please refer to a professional to see how much and why you might need

Krill Oil–helps repair cellular membranes and enhance communication between cells

Rhodiola— helps with hormone function

Curcumin— anti-inflammatory

Candida Cleanses— I went thru many of these to help with digestion, gut issues and sugar cravings– I continue to take Kyolic 103 (a blend of herbs to help keep candida down)

Vitamin B Complex— to help with energy and metabolism

Vitamin D3— many health benefits

Probiotic— to help with gut flora

Cocoa Powder— to reduce cravings and increase dopamine

Homeopathic Remedies for hormonal balance, liver detox, and thyroid function.



Jade Teta: FACEBOOK — has a program starting July 2nd, will also work with individuals, great one on one, esp. if you have more medical issues

METABOLIC REHAB PROGRAM (enter code: SBFB not sure if there’s a discount, but worth a shot)

Michelle LeSueur: FACEBOOK — will work with individuals; holistically, homeopathic, hormones and gut function

William Wood–— I can’t say enough about how much this helped. I’m not taking prozac, paxil or any other anti-depression or anxiety medications anymore. Its MORE than hypnotherapy. He will skype sessions. Worth a shot… if not DO YOGA or TAI CHI– you need SOMETHING for the anxiety

Dr. Michael Lam: — does programs via phone and has a book featured in video

Scott Abel: *** ebook highly recommended as well as MP3s

Brad Davidson: based in California, highly recommended by Emily Zaler, you can read her story here

Kirsten Potter: she’s been through it and decided to quit her job and learn how to help others through functional diagnostic nutrition

Ruben Sandoval: FACEBOOK a coach who has worked with competitors who have gone through this