Intense workout with Jump Rope- SBW#2

Wow! So many of you did the first metabolic workout and posted your times, some of you even posted your videos… they were awesome!!

I think that these type of workouts will become a regular part of  The Sweaty Betties page. Whats not to love about a SHORT, high-intensity workout, that you can do at home, in a hotel or anywhere you want?

This one requires a jump rope– but if you had been doing the May Challenge, you will still have yours. It also requires a barbell, dumbbells, or something heavy you can press over head (use cans of soup if ya gotta!!)

OK… well here we go… Sweaty Betties (metabolic) Workout #2

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  1. I did the first workout and although I don’t have a video I can assure you I absolutely loved it! I do much better and am more likely to get my workout done if its fast. The intensity is what gives me results. And since you’re a mom you’ll love to know that my 3 yr old was havig a meltdown while i was doing it. My timer said 20 min or so but I have to shave off at least a min or 90 sec since I had to keep tending to her. Boy was she pissed, haha. Mama’s gotta get her workout done tho!
    Thanks Sweaty Bettie’s!

  2. Question? Would a metabolic workout be considered a “Cross Fit” type workout as well?? I’m a little confused on the definition “Cross Fit”…

    • Yes it CAN be. CrossFit is a brand. They do many workouts like this, sometimes also called “MetCons” (Metabolic Conditioning)
      A lot of Crossfit is also heavy Olympic lifting, so not all Crossfit workouts are metabolic workouts, but many of them are.

  3. I’ve done 100 Burpees in a row before, but I haven’t done what you just did.
    I love your instruction, and I like that you time it and share. It gives us an idea of what to expect.
    Thank you for all you do Danny J.!!!

  4. I did workout number two in about 20 mins. I didn’t have a jump rope So I ”line hopped’ 200 times for extra effort and used an ez bar with 10 pound plates. Hated this one in a good way. I enjoyed this one as much as the first, which I did in 26 mins

  5. Finished it in 13:05 – whew! Love this one :)

  6. Whew!!! I love this one too!! After lifting weights this morn, I decided to give it a whirl!!! It took me 15 min!! Thank-you 😉

  7. Melissa Koren says:

    13 mins with 6 rounds with 20 lbs for squat press. Nice workout!!!!!! I look forward to these quick, yet metabolic reving workouts on your blog!!! Thanks, Danny J!!!

  8. Wow! I feel great! Thank you Danny J for quicking my butt! :)

  9. One year already!!! Wow!!!
    Heres to many more!!!
    Your rock Dani!!!!

  10. Holy cats that was INTENSE! I’m a wee bit out of shape so it took me 27:11 (I took a few breaks… one lying flat on my back on the floor haha). But that was great!!! I used 14 lbs for the thrusters. Hoooboy!
    Keep ’em coming!

  11. Nikki Luman says:

    Whew! 12:53 on this one! My daughter skipped the burpees set after the first one…Whimp :-)

  12. 15:10 and I think I’m gonna die lol

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