Short Intense at-home workout in 15 mins or less– SBW#4

Here you go kids!
I had a few technical issues with the first video, so you will just get to see the sweaty aftermath:) This is a great short workout, can be used as cardio or you can add a 5th Round.

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  1. 8:42 – not bad considering I did a plethora of jump squats yesterday!

  2. I did these as a rest based interval ( go until you can’t rest until you can) for 20 min. Not sure how many I did but WOW!!! I feel the burn!!!!! Awesome workout!!!!! Thank you for your videos!!!! Love them!!!:)

  3. Kari Fortner says:

    2nd time I’ve done a sweaty bettie workout, they’re great! I timed in at 8:10:43. Pretty good I’d say.

  4. 8:03:86 here. Whew!

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