Girl Scout Cookie Protein Shake

If you’re like me, you LOVE, love, LOVE Girl Scout cookies… but there are two problems- #1 they only sell them once a year (this is actually, probably a good thing)

and #2 I can’t stop at just one (box, that is) so they aren’t too “pants friendly” LOL

How about a little shake that gets your “Samoa” fix and keeps you on track to stay in your clothes? uhmmm yes please.

**Recipe from Egg Whites International

8 oz egg whites (8 pumps or 1 cup)
2-4 oz milk of choice (We suggest almond milk)  or water (use less if a thicker shake is desired)
– 2 tbsp vanilla sugar free, fat free instant pudding powder*
– 1 tbsp chocolate sugar free, fat free instant pudding powder*
– 1 tablespoon sugar free caramel sauce**
– 2 tablespoons sugar free coconut syrup***
– 2-3 ounces (app ¼ cup) very strong coffee, optional

1. Add all ingredients and pulse in a blender until smooth.

* Optional = substitute protein powder in place of pudding powder!
** try Walden’s sugar free sauces
*** try Torani or DaVinci brands for these syrups


Nutrition (using 4 oz. almond milk)

Calories: 166     Fat: 1.2g     Carb: 8g     Protein: 26.5g

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  1. this is one 2 try =o)

  2. Umm….YUM!!! You had me at “girl scout cookie…” – must try this!

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