Protein Rant

I just posted this Blog: What is the Best Protein Powder for Losing Weight & Toning  on Facebook, and instead of people reading it, I got a lot of links and advertisements for different companies. Grrrrr.

I just made this quick video to explain what protein powders are good for and what they really do :) Enjoy

and PS When in doubt #JERF

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  1. Can I just say how much I LOVE YOU and love your blogs. :)

  2. OMG
    I freaking love you.
    thank you
    totally sharing this all over the place

    best exit line ever btw

  3. Lauri Bernard says:

    Love it Danny J. People are looking for that magic protein pill. Too funny….just do the work in the gym and in the kitchen. Be consistent and patient. You will transform your body. JERF & Don’t be a Bitch. Lauri

    • Deb Patrick says:

      Loved, loved, LOVED this. One, because it debunks the whole “fat burning this-and-that” B/S…and secondly…it blasts the MLM “magic pill” people back to the sleazy sales corner they came from. So awesome. Seriously awesome. I thank you from the depth of my plagued-by-Vi-and MA soul. Rant on, sister.

  4. Too cute! Funny & to the point.

  5. Don’t most people know that any protein powder doesn’t burn fat?! I just commented on the protein powder I do use ALONG with diet and exercise….Who would really think a powder would burn fat?!

  6. You are so awesome! I love that you are real and honest. I’m a sweaty betty for life!

  7. Fat burning protein?!! Sign me up! oh wait…. lol Silly advertisements.. Tricks are for kids! Anyways.. How is MP Combat? I think that’s going to be the next protein I try.. I already got Assault to help support the MP company lol

  8. Tammy Beyer says:

    lmao Danny you crack me up!

  9. Amen, Sister!! And sorry about all of those ads. We can’t escape ’em but they did inspire you to a terrific rant! Thanks.

  10. Love this post! It is crazy what most people will believe! On the subject of the protein powders I just purchased Giant Sports Delicious Protein (Vanilla) and I have to say it is the best tasting powder I have had. The chocolate is REALLY good too! :)

  11. Well said! Love it!

  12. Love Love the RANT Danny J!

  13. You just ruined my day *sigh*. No fat burning protein? LOL! I’m actually doing a sugar detox right now and haven’t had any powders for 11 days! WHAT?!

    Who really knows what the stuff is made with. Im better off without it. I’ll eat my fat burning eggs 😉

  14. I love this blog… just tell it how it is and I totally appreciate that.

  15. I love this rant! I have lost about 50 pounds and worked hard on toning. I am a hairdresser and so many of my clients have said to me, “so those shakes you drink made you lose all this weight” lol i’m like, “no the shakes are a tool, I modified my eating habits and work our regularly with weights”. Funny how so many don’t want to hear that. They are just sure i have found magic with those shakes, that i just drank them and the fat melted away and my muscles just toned on thier own. I actually had a cleint that would eat lunch or diner then have a shake after??? and ask me why they weren’t losing weight like i did! It is so frustrating to have worked hard and then have people give credit to a tool…like i wasn’t the one that worked out, stopped overeating and started making good meal choices. Too bad the industry is happy to mislead people to make $$$ and too bad that people just want the easy way out.

    • girl! don’t I know it!!
      I’ve had clients who lost 100+ lbs.. they are working out, changing all of their habits and yes, they have a shake between meals, but ITS NOT THE SHAKE!! LOL
      sighhhh.. people think there’s always a trick. The trick is– CHANGING YOUR BEHAVIOR.. the end. 😉

  16. Hahahaha preach it girl! I love this video so much, my bf was looking at me crazy because I was chuckling so hard 😉 Protein powder doesn’t keep me satiated as a shake, I like it best for cooking!

  17. Sabine Everett says:

    HAAAAAAAAA u r sooo funny love you…lol


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