Product Reviews and GIVEAWAY!!


Video Review of some fun, new Fitness & Nutrition Products– GIVEAWAY!

**Giveaway has ended**

In January we went to a really large show called the OR (Outdoor Retailer) Market. They have it twice a year and its only open to retailers, brands and store owners. We were lucky enough to get “backstage passes” and were able to meet some of the people behind some of our brands like MPG SportΒ & Skirt Sports and then we made contacts and met a TON more!
A few of them we really loved were ProBar and iFitness (running bands) and we also were send a fewGlam Head Bands to review.. So check it out and see how you can win your own Glam Head Band or Box of ProBars!

No Purchase Necessary.


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  1. ooooh i’d like to be entered!

  2. Love the Glam Headbands – the clip and adjusted back would make life so much easier…well, for me at least

  3. Crystal F says:

    I would love to win a Glam band :)

  4. Katheryn Cochrane says:

    Love all of these products, especially the belt… I use one similar to that for marathon running… great for holding my keys, energy gells, and everything I need on the road! : )

  5. Jennifer Spies says:

    I liked Glam Headbands!

  6. Jennifer Spies says:

    I liked Probar!

  7. love the glam bands – with my fine hair and odd shaped head having the clips and adjustable back would be so helpful…

  8. Deborah Tweedy says:

    Love you two and would LOVE one of those headbands! I have bought tons of them from retail stores, athletic stores and even online stores…Have not found one that stays on my head and/or doesn’t give me a headache!! The Glamheadbands look like they covered all aspects!! : ) Thanks for the opportunity!!

  9. Brittany Neunuebel says:

    The Glam Headbands look really awesome! and the Ifitness looks really awesome, especially since it will hold your numbers while doing races!!

  10. Love the clips on the glam headbands!!!

  11. You two are very silly. *lol* Digging on the Glambands, and the belts, but not so much on the probars.

    Thanks for being so fun and entertaining, ladies. :)

  12. You guys brighten my FB feed all the time! I “liked,” the reviews and would love to be part of the giveaway!

  13. All three products looks sweet! I’d love to win! (do we have to comment for each product, or does one comment count for each?)

  14. done :)

  15. Hannah J says:

    I like the headbands!

  16. Hey…blah blah blah! (That’s what you said to post, right?) LOL πŸ˜‰
    LOVED the product review! I seriously want all three. Going to “like” and check out the other pages now. Thanks Shhhhhweaty Betties!

  17. Branden Loock says:

    I love Probar… one of my favorites!
    Not sure I could pull off a headband real well, but well you know, its always worth a shot!
    And I would give anything to find a good running belt!!!
    Thanks ladies! Stay awesome my friends!

  18. Crystal Vega says:

    I love the Sweaty Betties…I also love glamheadbands…I also love bars…(probars).. Also LOVE fitness…especially iFitness!! :)

  19. Love the glam bands. I want one!! I love that they clip into your hair. I can never find a band that will stay in place. I ended up just growing my bangs out instead :(

  20. Elizabeth McCool says:

    Hi my name is Liz. I am always interested in trying new fitness products and sharing them with well EVERYONE!! I have a page on Facebook “Get It Right, Get It Tight Fitness” where I am posting anything and everything fitness and nutrition as I go on my journey. All of the products loom great! I hope I’m a winner!!

  21. Heather Mize says:

    fun give away. :) HOPE I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I liked all 3! :o)
    -Jordana Dec

  23. Sheila Yocom says:

    All of these new products are fantastic! Thanks for the info!

  24. I liked all three :)

  25. Jennie S. says:

    Those are great products! I can’t wait to try them, and hopefully win one! I liked each of the pages on facebook. Thanks for the review :)

  26. Amaryllis says:

    I love all 3! But especially the headbands- I’ve needed ones like that for so long because of my weird shaped head! Now I can wear headbands! yay!

  27. You two are just too silly. Diggin’ the headbands and the belt.

    Thanks for being so honest. :)

  28. Jennifer Spies says:

    Oh bugger, it didn’t leave my comments. I liked Probar and Glam Headbands!

  29. i wonder if those glam bands would fit on my huge head! no other headbands have been brave enough to stay on my head for more than 2 minutes of sitting still! whomp whomp!!!

  30. Tammy Tisdelle says:

    I LOVE GLAMBANDS…bought one at a running expo! The other 2 products look great as well!

  31. Cheryl Morford says:

    Love! Love! Love! the ifitness packs! I hike the manitou incline and I need something light and small…I also run and walk my 2 basenji’s (cutest dogs in the world) and the ifitness packs would be perfect for doggie training treats! I “liked” the other 2 products as well…love your posts, they’re very informative!
    (here’s a link to tell you about the incline if you’re not familiar)

  32. Hey- I want to win! Blah Blah Blah (Typed in a Valley girl voice.)
    That’s what you said to say, right? πŸ˜‰
    LOVE the review!

  33. Crystal Vega says:

    I love bars…probars that is!!! :) I also love The Sweaty Betties!! You ladies rock!!! :)

  34. Kate Conneely says:


  35. Angie Taylor says:

    Pick Me Pick Me!! You guys are awesome!

  36. Love the IFitness!!

  37. Jana Hergenrader says:

    You guys are awesome! You keep me motivated everyday! Thank you :)

  38. trisha van horn says:

    :) pick me!

  39. Ann Marie Jones says:

    Love this giveaway…Crossing my fingers!

  40. Tiffany says:

    Love those glam bands!! “Liked” all the pages and crossing fingers I win!

    LOVE your page too!

  41. Erica R says:

    Whoo Hoo! Fun give away! Working hard on you ass and abs challenge! Looking to tighten up that booty!!!

  42. Heather Stickle says:

    Pick me PLEASE!

  43. Jessica Forsyth says:


  44. Great products!!! Thank you for sharing. I’m pretty excited about the bar, I love all natural products and can’t eat protein bars themselves because I have kidney disease caused by lupus. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  45. Great giveaway!! :)

  46. Liked all 3!

  47. Melanie says:

    Great products! I liked all 3 pages :)

  48. Jessie G. says:

    The iFitness band is just what I;ve been looking… need a place to keep my keys and phone while running!

  49. Crystal Lee says:

    Exiciting giveaway!

  50. Love!

  51. Michelle Owen says:

    Love the glam bands!!! They’d be so fun for my Turbo Kick classes! All of these products look awesome!

  52. i love you two! i want to win!

  53. Crystal F says:

    Love the Glam headbands! Pick me!

  54. ejensen1989 says:

    Free workout swag, YES!

  55. Nicole Bynum says:

    Awesome contest!! Would love to win!!!

  56. Melanie Rathbun says:

    All great products! Thanks for the info, ladies. You rock!

  57. Angie Lambdin says:

    Love them all!!! πŸ˜‰

  58. Sarah Bozarth says:

    I want to win! I liked them all! I want them all!

  59. Melonie Larew says:

    These products look awesome!

  60. I liked all three. What AWESOME products! The more fitness apparel I have, the more motivation I have to use it!

  61. s booth says:

    Love these!

  62. I love all of these products! Glam headbands are great!

  63. Love all these!! Hope I win!! Thanks!! Yay!!

  64. Sweet giveaway!

  65. Liked all 3!!!

    I wouldnt mind rocking the glam band while wearing the ifitness pack with one of the probars in it!!!
    BOOM—>I Wana WIN!!!!


  66. All the products looked great

  67. joyce scott says:

    Can’t wait to try them! Pick me πŸ˜‰

  68. Eddie Valdez-Gilmore says:

    OMG seriously haven’t wanted to win anything so badly! That belt is perfect for my gym workout! Come on! This fat girl needs help in any and every way! Xoxo

  69. Beverly Reinbrecht says:

    I really like all three.

  70. Gina Kirk says:

    Yayyyy !! Love u girls!

  71. Carol Sly says:

    I would love to win one of these items!

  72. Molly Mo says:

    count me in for this deal!

  73. Bonnie Miller says:

    Love these products! It’d be so cool to be sportin’ them out in the trail!! :) Cheers to you and your freebies!

  74. Christy says:

    I could really rock the glam band and race belt at my upcoming cape cod ragnar– holla!

  75. Woohoo great products. Love the sparkley head bands,
    and the running hip sack is awesome!!!

  76. Love the Glam bands – with my baby fine hair and the odd shape of my head the clips and adjustable band would come in handy

  77. Winning isn’t everything, but it sure is nice…. great products and fun give away…

  78. MassageMomma says:

    Please!! Me!! I need some cute motivation….or a super tasty snack!!

  79. Angel Kolb says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!))

  80. Kristen says:

    Giveaways are fun!

  81. jessica martin says:

    I love trying out new stuff!!!! Thank you!!!!

  82. Michelle says:

    Glamheadbands are the best!!!

  83. Sorry, I finally figured out where to post this! LOL!

    I just watched your video and think you girls are too cute!!! I went over and liked the Glam bands fb page too :)

    I have such a problem finding headbands that stay in place that don’t totally give me headaches and these look perfect!!! I hope I win!

    Thanks so much for all you do for your followers!!

  84. I’ve tried the maple pecan pro bars so good! Would love to try other flavours!

  85. meredith says:

    i liked all 3 – i would love to win b/c these products look great- fingers crossed!!

  86. I liked Glamheadbands :)

  87. I liked probar :)

  88. I liked iFitness! :) entry complete! great giveaway ladies, thanks for sharing xo

  89. Kaitlin says:

    Love all the products! I want them all!

  90. Would love to win any products, but plug for iFitness…best customer service ever!!! If you purchase their products, you will not be disappointed-they stand behind them 100%,,

  91. Shakira says:

    I am runner and all of these would work for me

  92. Gretchen Kealy says:

    Thanks for the review! I liked all three and want to be part of the giveaway!

  93. I’d love to try one of the hair bands! Might actually keep my fringe put of my face when I’m doing clinch work in my Muay Thai class. Always useful when you can see your sparring partner!!


  94. I make my own protien bars bc a lot of them are packed with way to much fake stuff. Probar sounds awesome bc it’s natural and real food! I’m gonna find one later! And what an awesome little fitness famny pack! I love it ifitness!!!

  95. Crystal Penfield-Stock says:

    This is FABULOUS! You girls are truly amazing!!!!

  96. Amy Kilde says:

    I love the running belt! I think something like that would be great to have for my future full marathon! Pick me! Pick me!

  97. I love the headbands! So cute!

  98. Love the headbands

  99. Lisa Lewis says:

    I love the running belt. That would be the coolest for my running. I’d love to use it for my 1/2 marathon at the end of the month. Still motivated.

  100. Kathy McCrae says:

    I watched the whole sweatshop video! Subscribed to The Sweaty Betties U-Tube channel.

    I <3 ProBars, flavors like Cocoa Pistachio & Kettle Corn, I mean WOW who could be a hatin on them?

    GlamHeadbands, so Sparkly! They are truly designed with thought, being adjustable & getting out of that, 'sweating to the oldies' look. If I had a convertible car I'd put some in the glovebox for my hairy friends

    iFITNESS looks like a wonderful product. I love that it holds your drink/iPhone/keys/race #/chapstick & tampons. It's like I'm wearing MacGyver!

    I LIKE GLAMHEADBANDS, PROBAR, and iFITNESS on Facebook. Thank You!

  101. I am digging the Glambands. As a fitness instructor trying to tame fly-aways while doing donkey kicks, well, I could use some help. Consider me entered!

  102. Tanya Gushue says:

    Awesome!! Enter me please :)

    • Amber Bills says:

      Those Glam Headbands are so cute and awesome! I’m sick of headbands that just slip right off! I would Love Love Love to win one to use at the gym, playing softball, and for everyday use!

  103. The Glam Bands looks especially SWEET! Me and my gigantic head often get headaches from running in the elastic only bands, or they pop right off from the tension!! Bring on the clips and adjustability!!!! The probar sounded pretty delish too!

  104. Liked all three. Would love to win!!! :)

  105. LIsa Withrow says:

    YES!! ME please! =) I need a good headband that will actually stay in place!

    • sheylyn grasmick says:

      Hey Llsa Withrow, if you don’t win you should check out Sweaty Bands. They are awesome workout headbands. I wear the “thick” versions and they are great. Never slip!!

  106. Ooooh Pick Me Pick Me! :)

  107. sheylyn grasmick says:

    I’d love to be entered to win. I love bars and bands :-) Thanks ladies!!

  108. Stacy White says:

    I love Sweaty Betties. You ladies rock! The glambands are sweet. I love shiny things. I always wear my hair back, so they would be perfect:) Probar have the best flavors. They sound yummy…

  109. Stacy White says:

    Oops ladies. I forgot to mention ifitness. that’s what i get typing on my phone. i would definitely get a lot of use out of their ingenius product:)~

  110. Stacy White says:

    Oops ladies. I forgot to mention ifitness. that’s what i get typing on my phone. i would definitely get a lot of use out of their ingenius product:)~ loved your video…

  111. Pick Me!! Love the running belt, I have a 5k coming up!!

  112. Lindey Smith says:

    I would love to win a Glam band!!!

  113. yovanka adanic says:

    omg omg those headbands are so sweet :)


  115. Megan Gabriel says:

    hahah LOVE the video, you Betties are awesome.
    Thank you for this giveaway all these products rock! especially Glamheadbands… a little sparkle and shine makes you run faster… right? haha

  116. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these products – thanks for doing the reviews!! I’d definitely like a chance to try something out…

  117. LOVE the handbands!

  118. Jill Morse says:

    You two just plain ROCK! I hope I am a winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  119. Thanks for the contest ladies- I would love to be entered in :-)

  120. I could use one of these for sure! Keep my hair out of the way so I can run like the wind….or at least feel the wind on my forehead. :)

  121. I have been wanting to try a glamband! :)

  122. Misty Tollakson says:

    The glambands look pretty sweet. Why didn’t someone think of those clips before. :) The bars look delicious! πŸ˜› I could use the running belt for the hot summer running days! :) Thank you!

  123. Randy Jones says:

    Winner winner fish for dinner!!!

  124. Valerie LiveFit Journey says:

    I would love to try these products!

  125. Love you girls, love the video of the products, would love to win if I am not too late. thank you! :)

  126. I would love to be entered to win! Especially the glambands…I can never get my hair to stay back, and they have bling :)

  127. Would love to win, you gals are such an inspiration and are truly helping me obtain my weight/size goals!

  128. I love this lute! : )

  129. Love, love, love the headbands! Interested in checking out the Bars right now, Mmmmm.

  130. Would love to have some headbands…Have a great day!

  131. my wife would love those bars…those Halo ones are her FAV!!!!….I’ve liked all the pages and hopefully I’m entered now….thanks…

  132. Brittany Elise Niemiec says:

    Loooove the probars and goal bands!!love lookin cute while working out and gettin sweaty!! Enter me in the contest..pleassse!!!! Love you girls!

  133. Enter me please!
    I liked all of these products! :-)
    I haven’t ran a mile since high school… and I have NEVER ran 3 miles!!! (til now) :-)
    Loving the feel of it!

  134. Ahh I would LOVE to win!!

  135. Liked! :)

  136. Pam Schwarz says:

    I hope I win :)

  137. Done, done, and done! Thanks for the opportunity!

  138. I’d like to be entered please (:

  139. Jennifr Lowrance-York says:

    Got everything liked and I’m ready for the drawing sliding in JUST under the deadline!

  140. I own a glam band and I love it. I use it when I’m running.
    I also wear it to work. They are super cute. Better than plan old headbands.

  141. anything free is great! especially when it is awesome!

  142. Glam Bands rock!

  143. Headbands :-)

  144. Michelle lin says:

    like x3

    please enter me :)
    happy Friday

  145. Liked!

  146. Love the Glam Bands, have never seen any with clips or adjustable!

  147. erin bailey says:

    This is awesome!!!

  148. Tiffany Lee says:

    I would love to win!! :)

  149. I love free stuff!!!!!!!!

  150. gina lyon says:

    Loved the Glam bands

  151. eileen hirschy says:

    who could not love these would love to win them

  152. I want to win! Thanks!

  153. Elizabeth says:

    Looks like Glam Bands are just what I’m looking for! Pick me!

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