Metabolic Workout #1

A metabolic workout is a HIGH INTENSITY workout designed to go through different movements, with little rest, often using large muscle groups and big compound movements or shuttling blood quickly from lower body to upper body.

Most metabolic workouts are short, intense and will give you a full body workout with a great “after-burn”– your metabolism will be up for hours afterward!

Here is an example of one to try today:



Air Squats


Falling Push-Ups

Start with 50 reps of air squats, followed quickly by 50 plank/straddles, followed by 50 falling push-ups. Without resting (too much) go on to 40 reps of each, and so on all the way down to 10 reps of each exercise. TIME IT! (#dontbeabitch)

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  1. Trying this in the morning, wish me luck and I will post my time on facebook(if I am still alive) lol.

  2. Ok, you are an animal! I choose to start at 40, so happy I did! Also I changed the order, the plank straddle were nearly impossible for me to do after the squats haha, So I just reversed the order, squats were last. Oh and I did this workouy in my hotel room :) My time, 21:50.

    • nice!! good for you!! I haven’t done a workout like this, literally in over 6 months, so I was lucky I didn’t die! LOL But I was proud of how hard I pushed:)
      Way to go with your bad self!!

  3. Martha C. says:

    I’m going to try this, it looks brutal!! :) By the way, I love the sound effects you used for the video. Hilarious! :)

    • hahaha thanks! there were actually no sound effects, that was the actual background sounds (a dog barking and me moaning and groaning) in fast motion.. LOL

      • Martha C. says:

        Oh MAN!! I just finished this w/o and I’m SWEEEAATY and Tired!! I loved it! It took me 11:45. I hope next time my time will have improved! :) Thank you so much for the workout! :)

        • Ok, I just realized I typed in the wrong time! It was 17:45! Not 11:45!! I wish it was 11:45!!! Def gonna try for that eleven tho! :)

  4. Headed to the gym after work today…only working until 1pm YEAH!

    Going to give this a try…will let you know my time tomorrow…

    I’m a little scared :)

  5. OK, I have to say I underestimated this workout! I just finished, and I don’t know how you did it in only 16min. It took me 25:22 and I’m a sweaty mess! Nothing too sore (yet) although I have to say it was hard on my wrists between the plank/splits and the falling push ups. Thanks for a great work out today! Otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten one in but I’m so glad I gave it a try. It might just be my quick “go-to” for a while and to try and improve my time. :)

    • Nice!! yes, if you did it on carpet, it can be a little rough on the wrists… well I am sore ALL over today… and in some unexpected places! LOL
      I will do a few more like these–short and no equipment, so you can have a few to choose from

      • LOVE this workout! Started at 40 finished in 18:47…kicked my arse tho.especially the planks wowza!.This may be my new weekend cardio routine! AND is perfect for when I travel..thanks! You guys are the best!

  6. I did this one pyramid style (counted from ten to fifty then fifty back down to ten) I timed both halves of the workout and I got 13:15 the first time, then I tried to beat my first time in the second round, and got 12:08!

  7. Hi Danny!!

    I almost died!!! It is harder than it looks!! Sweat was dripping down my nose since the 50s lol Took me 17:03 mins to complete.You aren’t out of shape at all :)
    Thank you so much!!! Now I’m going to enjoy my dinner :)

  8. So I was thinking just 3 moves. I got this!!! Kicked m”y bootie! I was dripping sweat! My time was 24 min. During the 50, 40, and 30 I was like “I feel so slow!!! Thank-you! I really liked it!! It was hard!

  9. Might start doing these on those days where getting out the house with 3 kids is almost impossible.
    Thanks =)

  10. Thank you so much for this awesome workout!! I finished in 14.39. Those falling push ups are a killer!!! I can’t wait to try more, I really appreciate you posting these :o)

  11. Sarah C. says:

    22 Brutal Minutes. Those falling pushups kill me. Love it.

  12. Bonnie U. says:

    My 8 year old daughter and I just finished this workout with Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” for motivation! We started at 40 and went down. Took us 12 minutes and we were sweatin’. She kept saying “WOW!” hahaha.. But together we conquered and kicked some ass ; )

  13. Just finished – 18:46 – I modified the second move to a plank-jack due to my limited flexibility. :) Did this back to back with workout #2…WOW. Great stuff, keep posting workouts so I can keep challenging myself!

  14. OMG Just did this, did a video to show my friends that it CAN be done, 50 was killer hard, I kept losing count and my legs were burning something gawd awful fierce.

    19:35!! I also did a video … my slow internet might get it published today 😉

  15. kristin jones says:

    18 minutes…holy sweatballs I’m tired.

  16. Sheila Watkins says:

    Did this one this AM for the first time. I am 57 years old and did it in 18:57! Loved it today, not sure about tomorrow. Thanks for the site. I am loving it!

  17. Melissa Koren says:

    JUST finished this workout with the hubby! 11 mins for me 10.25 for him! Phew….sweating and feeling good!

  18. The falling pushups are a little tough on my wrists… I’m committed to trying this over the next week and see how it goes! =o) Thanks for the motivation… you’re awesome!

  19. I am taking a month “vacation” from my gym to break out of my normal routine and remotivate myself for a mud run I’m doing to celebrate my birthday in the beginning of October. I’m going to begin running (ugh) and using your workout videos you post as my strength training. Just finished this workout modified to 35-25-15-5 in 13:24. Looking forward to spending the next month with you as my trainer!

  20. Love your metabolic workouts!! Are these considered Cross fit?? I’m interested in doing Crossfit but just can’t afford the gym right now so it’s nice to be able to try them at home with you. Also, do you do any strength training along with these workouts?? I’m wondering if I can replace both cardio/strength training with these workouts?? I haven’t seen any strength training routines on your website…

    • These are very similar to CrossFit style workouts and could be used in Crossfit.
      A lot of CF workouts will also have pull-ups running or rowing, and its also a brand “CrossFit” like Kleenex is a tissue, but a tissue isn’t necessarily a Kleenex… if that makes sense?

      Soooo these could be used in a CrossFit setting, but I wouldn’t call them CrossFit 😉

      • Gina Hayes. says:

        Thanks for clarifying!! Def want to try them. Do you recommend doing additional strength training or are these workouts enough??

        • I think its important to still do some specific strength training. I like functional things like squats, deadlifts, pull-ups and shoulder stuff like shoulder presses. I will post some strength workouts soon as well.
          I have one glute workout and one abs workout posted so far:)
          You can minimize strength training though, as you also build strength w these workouts, but do some specific things to help prevent injuries and keep you strong.

  21. 23:10…boy it’s hard!

  22. Kirsten Branch says:

    Trying this today!! Super exciteddd!!

  23. Alex Hunnewell says:

    I started at 50 for a time of 47:13. I’m horrified by the time but I’m glad I finished. I’ll definitely be doing this more!

  24. Just found your site today via Heroes and Hounds and you’re my new favorite magic elf in my computer box. I did this workout just now and because I am a hot fat mess, I started at 30. By the end of it I was chanting “I am not a bitch” at each rep completion and now, though I hurt everywhere and can barely catch my breath and hold my hands steady to type, I feel like Lance Armstrong. Without the doping. Just .. awesome and strong. Thanks Danny and Betties! PS my time was 20:23 even just starting at 30. Baby steps, I know :)

    • aww this comment seriously made my day!! LOL way to go for trying the workout! Thats a freaking tough one! some are easier… #5 is really tough.. just remember #dontbeabitch LOL 😉 HIGH FIVE!!

  25. Love it!

  26. I first found the “abs are made in the kitchen” workout, loved it, and decided to check out your website. My time was 20:03; I just need to push myself to take fewer breaks.

  27. I love your workouts. I can take a quick break from work and they fit into my day. I had a question though –how many calories do u think this type of workout burns? this particular workout took me about 24 minutes

  28. It was really hard not being a bitch on this one! I started at 30 and the first round was def the hardest! A little embarrassed of my time, but it was 19.24. Love you a Bex! I’ve ventured into the world of clean eating and it’s amazing how great you can feel just by what you eat! Thanks for all you do!!
    ~ haley

  29. Fantastic-o! Where did you do your training? The Metabolic Effect comes to mind 😉


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