Metabolic Damage Follow-Up and Resources

If  you didn’t see my first video on this subject, please watch it HERE

Basically, I, as well as many, many of you competitors, group-ex instructors, marathon runners and long term dieters, have caused our bodies to STOP doing what they are supposed to and even start reacting opposite of natural; meaning– calories in/calories out doesn’t mean shit!!

Its all about hormones people and any doctor who tells you other wise doesn’t know WTF he/she’s talking about. This is REAL, it sucks, it takes away your sex drive, your motivation, strength, energy, and you gain weight by hardly doing anything, so you diet more, exercise more, all the while becoming exhausted, frustrated, and depressed. (sound about right?)

Sighhhh… well, I’ve been dealing with it for 2 years now, doing a LOT of things wrong (basically trying to “diet” my way out of it) and NOW I’m finally listening to my body, working with people who know their shit… and its SLOW, I’m learning patience and learning that there is more to ME than just the outside…. and I’m ok with not being lean, small, and getting comments about being so fit. I’m enjoying more of LIFE, eating out more, being a little more relaxed about things, and guess what?? I’m OK!! AND I haven’t gained more weight or blown up like I feared! In FACT– as soon as I stopped working out and eating what I wanted (because I thought “Fuck it, I’m getting fat anyway”) I stopped gaining!!
After working with some professionals on a plan for a few months, I’m actually DOWN about 6 lbs too (which is awesome to lose weight when you are eating more and literally not working out at all)

Watch my video here and then all the links will be below:

The drugs that I WAS taking after going to half a dozen Doctors  (and didn’t feel a damn bit better):


DHEA— thanks to this I had a hair grow from my chin. EFF that!






Prozac— yeah… and I was still depressed as shit.

Now— I am only taking 1 prescription– Armour Thyroid and a bunch of supplements, but feel so much better. The doses are not listed, please refer to a professional to see how much and why you might need

Krill Oil–helps repair cellular membranes and enhance communication between cells

Rhodiola— helps with hormone function

Curcumin— anti-inflammatory

Candida Cleanses— I went thru many of these to help with digestion, gut issues and sugar cravings– I continue to take Kyolic 103 (a blend of herbs to help keep candida down)

Vitamin B Complex— to help with energy and metabolism

Vitamin D3— many health benefits

Probiotic— to help with gut flora

Cocoa Powder— to reduce cravings and increase dopamine

Homeopathic Remedies for hormonal balance, liver detox, and thyroid function.



Jade Teta: FACEBOOK — has a program starting July 2nd, will also work with individuals, great one on one, esp. if you have more medical issues

METABOLIC REHAB PROGRAM (enter code: SBFB not sure if there’s a discount, but worth a shot)

Michelle LeSueur: FACEBOOK — will work with individuals; holistically, homeopathic, hormones and gut function

William Wood–— I can’t say enough about how much this helped. I’m not taking prozac, paxil or any other anti-depression or anxiety medications anymore. Its MORE than hypnotherapy. He will skype sessions. Worth a shot… if not DO YOGA or TAI CHI– you need SOMETHING for the anxiety

Dr. Michael Lam: — does programs via phone and has a book featured in video

Scott Abel: *** ebook highly recommended as well as MP3s

Brad Davidson: based in California, highly recommended by Emily Zaler, you can read her story here

Kirsten Potter: she’s been through it and decided to quit her job and learn how to help others through functional diagnostic nutrition

Ruben Sandoval: FACEBOOK a coach who has worked with competitors who have gone through this





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  1. Crystal Hounschell says:

    This really opened my eyes! I train like crazy, eat very little because of the calories in/calories out theory and I have migraines frequently! I need this push so THANK YOU for posting your video and sharing with us!

  2. I am really excited to see someone is finally talking about this and researching it. I have never done pagents but even through all my years of on and off diets and tons of pills that promise to make lose weight I have always thought my metabolism could be screwed up. I never could really find much info on the issue though. I’m so excited to read your blogs on this topic esp. I am hoping to do what your doing come early August. I am in the middle of two fitness challenges so want to complete those first and by then I cab use your inf
    e o and advice. Good luck with this and can’t wait to hear more. If you could post as much info as possible that would be amazing! Thanks!

  3. This is ME. I feel like I am listening to myself talk to myself. It is the most frustrating thing IN THE WORLD. To work my ass off, eat right yet get bigger and grosser is making me absolutely crazy. I am glad to know that there is a way out. I can’t wait to hear more about your success. Thanks for posting this.

    • you are very welcome! I’m sorry you are going through it too, there are SOOOOOOOO many figure/bikini competitors going through this. Please check all the links below for things to help and educate yourself and others

  4. Sweaty Betties it’s Linsey87 from Twitter! I am looking into signing up for Metabolic Rehab Program with Metabolic Effect. Did you do this program or do you know anyone who did. They give a little information on the website ( and I am just looking for more before I sign up. Like: will the supplements I have to take be extra charge? What type of food will I need to be eating? Those are my two big questions because that is the money said I got to make sure I can afford. Or would you recommend me just waiting to get all your information?

    • I didn’t do the program because this is the first time he’s offering it, but I am working with Jade personally, so I have a feeling it will be the same kind of stuff he is doing with me, but cheaper since its not one on one. The most expensive supplements were the krill oil because you take a lot but you can go on amazon for the best prices. I would say it IS worth it though, I feel so so so much better!
      As far as food, he didn’t give me a diet or meal plan, only suggestions to eat 125-150g carbs a day and I did my own meal plan, because thats what I do anyway. so I’m not actually sure in the program if he lays out any step by step nutrition, for me he didn’t, but that was because he knows thats my specialty and didn’t have to.

      its totally up to you whether to do it or not.. but I strongly suggest it. I feel so much better and why wait to start feeling better?

  5. Thanks again for posting about this!! I kind of just feel like my head is spinning…I don’t know where to start. I’m so scared to do anything anymore because I’m afraid I’m going to screw things up even worse. I did go get bloodwork done. Of course my doctor said everything is fine, but as far as the hormone panel goes my levels fell in the post-menopausal range…considering I’m 33, that sounds low to me! My T4 and Tsh were within normal range, but it’s been suggested that I get my T3 and thyroid antibodies checked?? I’m having gut issues. Blood pressure has been low. Falling asleep all the time. Get dizzy and nauseous during workouts pretty often. Over the past year, I’ve gone back and forth between doing cardio and not doing cardio, following a diet, not following a diet. I’m so confused about who to listen to. I’ve also gone back and forth from convincing myself to accept what has happened and move on to being so upset and discouraged that one uninformed decision has put me in this desperate position. I guess I will start by getting the Revitalizing Your Hormones book…?? Just wondered what you think :) THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

    • Hi Kelly–
      I would read that book, but I would lay of the cardio and diets for at least 3-6 months.
      I would also either call Jade or Michelle (or both)
      I don’t know what got you to where you are, but 33 is too young to have your hormones like that.
      Reading the book is tough if you don’t have background knowledge in this kind of stuff

      • Oh, haha, sorry…this is me from your other post: THANK YOU for speaking out about this. I did my first show last summer, and I have pretty much been miserable every since. I did 16 weeks of show prep. I had oatmeal once a day and went from 30 min cardio daily to 2 hours daily. I did go crazy after the show eating everything I had been missing for 4 months, and the weight came on fast. But when I decided that enough was enough, and I wanted to get back to “normal,” that’s when the frustration set in. I am ashamed to go to the gym because I am SO embarassed about what I have done to myself. I don’t really want to go anywhere or do anything because I hate the way I look. Like others have mentioned I have been living in sweats for months. I don’t know what I’m going to do now that summer is here…ugh. I missed out on having Christmas pictures done with my family because there is no way I’m letting anyone get near me with a camera. I would give anything to go back to the way I was before, and I didn’t even appreciate it then! My family and friends have a hard time understanding what I’m going through. On top of all those issues I’m tired all the time! I fight falling asleep throughout the whole day. And like you said, the hardest thing to accept is that I did this to myself. I will definitely be following you to see what you find out through all of your research!!

    • Amber Lobao says:

      Hi Kelly,

      What youre describing sounds like Adrenal fatigue and the symptoms you’re experiencing are identical to low producing cortisol. I would find a naturopathic doctor or if your general doctor will test your adrenals and also do a saliva test to check your cortisol levels. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk more.. Ive gone through the same things.

  6. This post brings me to tears, I have read it before but today it really hit me. I am a group ex instructor, Yoga and Zumba mostly right now and have a personal training business. I have never competed but I love to workout, or at least I did. Right now I force myself to lift 2-3 times a week and to do some HIIT, in addition to the classes I teach and rehearsing new choreo for Zumba. I used to run long distance, lift 4 times a week and teach lots of classes, even trained for a few triathlons, I was so passionate and excited about it fitness. A few years ago I was able to diet/starve/exercise off 45lbs. I had a great diet going and was losing, then I went through a divorce and lost another 20lbs from the stress. I was able to maintain the weight loss, eating well and exercising a lot but over all just not eating enough. I just took my measurements and weight this morning and fell apart. I have gained 1inch in my waist and 1 inch in my hips, up 8lbs and 3% body fat since January. Its devastating. I feel broken. I know I dont eat enough, I struggle just to get in 1700cals a day. Anything more than that feels like way too much food. I have eaten so little and exercised so much for so long, I am all messed up. I went on vacation recently and for the first time in YEARS I took a week off from exercise. I had to force myself not to workout, I knew I needed the break. My guilty self says my weight gain is because of my week off, I gained 5lbs while on vacation. My old metabolism would have been able to loose that 5lbs in a few weeks, most of it would have been water weight from eating and drinking things I dont normally. At this point I am afraid to stop working out, but I feel like I need a reset physically, emotionally and metabolically. My boyfriend is urging me to go to the dr and get blood work done. I think its time. I will continue to follow your story and hope we can all find some balance.

  7. BRAVO girl :) BRAVO

  8. I just emailed you but I wanted to say thank you! I’m on yr 3 of dealing with this and we just figured out what it was. I had specific questions in my email. THANK YOU O MUCH! Thank you for actually caring enough to speak about this. Thank you for letting us know that it IS ok and we’re not alone. Thank you for putting yourslef out there b/c I too feel that way. And thank you for letting me know that it’s going to be ok. I cried many tears over this and I was starting to feel like it was just me and I was just going to be “fat”! OMG….I feel like I can finally change this and that there actually might be aq light at the end of the tunnel! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi! :) I’m so glad to hear that you’re off all those prescription medications! I’m still researching and drawing my own conclusions, but I honestly believe that prescription (and over-the-counter) medications do more harm than good. Our bodies were designed to be nourished and cared for in a natural way (considering that many health problems and sickness is related to a nutrition deficiencies or a build up of unnatural toxins in our bodies), and when we put manufactured drugs into our systems they can cause serious, adverse side effects on our bodies. I’m happy to hear that you are on your way out of this dark period in your life!! <3 from Kansas.

    • Thanks Devin– long road but I am thankful (now) for the lessons I have learned and the self-acceptance that I’ve had to also learn. Its been a journey, that continues, but I’m blessed to be able to share to help others

  10. Yay Jade!! Both Jade and Dr. Jillian (also at the NHCNC) helped me TONS. So glad you are on the road to recovery, Danny. It is such a long and hard process, but quite the learning experience! xoxo

  11. Thank you for this post . It made me realize how much I have damaged my body and metabolism . I workout 2 hours daily barely taking a day off. I can’t get myself to consume enough calories cuz I feel so guilty and that it might mKe me put on weight . This post made me realize how I need go change things before it’s too late l also I would love to know how each supplement u listed above has helped you and what changes you have seen . Also would you please share which probiotic works best for u . Thank you so much again for your honesty

    • its a tough pill to swallow and it was a tough thing for me to admit to myself.. esp as a “professional” AND knowing better… yet I thought I could somehow get away with it.
      Its not too late, but really try to take care of yourself now.
      as far as the supps go.. it was specific to me and what was going on with my hormones… I strongly suggest you call Dr. Jade Tetas office or find a naturopath who can do some testing so you can heal quicker and find the exact supps and dosage that may help you

  12. I was wondering where I should start? Who should I contact first on your list? I’m going thru the same thing you are and I’m desperate to fix it! Who do you suggest I contact first…Thanks Kathy

  13. Jamie Allan says:

    This is such a great post, along with your original video about metabolic damage! I just recently received my IFPA Bikini pro card in July in St. Louis. I was so pumped that I decided to compete again in my 1st pro show on Sept. 15 of this year. Fortunately, I have an amazing coach! She actually cut cardio out for 4 weeks after my show and increased my carbs. At first, I thought she was crazy because I still needed to get leaner to be able to compete with the pros, but it is amazing how much it helped! I am three weeks out from a show, still eating plenty of carbs and doing only 30min of cardio 4-5 days/week (and I am not someone who typically loses fat easy!). So, I would like to encourage anyone who wants to compete to get a coach who KNOWS what they are doing! Don’t be afraid to grill them on what they know, if they are legit they will be more than happy to answer your questions! I am a graduate student and generally lead a very stressed life, also thyroid issues run in my family so I know this is something I need to be careful with. I just wanted to comment and let you know what you are doing is amazing! Also, I have started to use mindfulness meditation to help deal with stress better and it really has made a difference in my physique and overall happiness. A good book to get started with, that I am currently working through, is The Mindfulness Solution by Ronald Siegel.

    Thank you again! :)

  14. Tammy Beyer says:

    OMG, OMG this is ME!! So very frustrating and hard for people to understand. People in my life just think I’m vain :( How can you eat clean (for the most part), work your ass off and still gain weight?!?!?! I am afraid to eat for fear that my belly and love handles will get bigger and it might add to the cellulite that has appeared on my stomach and legs (YUCK!). I’ve always been rather fond of my stomach until late. I won’t wear shorts unless I’m running or alone. I’m super tired all the time, depressed, don’t want to get out of bed let alone look in the mirror. Oh and it’s so much better when the rumor around town (I am from a town of 600 in west central MN) is that I got butt implants :( No people, my ass just got bigger!! Then I have those people who say, “well your ARE almost 40 Tammy”. I’ll be 40 the end of October but who the hell cares! Pisses me right off! What does 40 have to do with anything?!?!? K so thank you all for making me feel like I’m not the only one going thru this!!! And thank YOU Danny J. for all this wonderful information!!!!

  15. This is crazy! I have been going through this and have read some of the same links and although I have not consulted with professionals I am taking and doing some of the exact same things you are to recover! This is so heartening to not feel alone anymore! Seriously I am so thankful to have found this.

    I have been writing my own blog post tonight and then came across your post about metabolic issues. I am a new fan of yours but had no idea you were dealing with this. I am so very sorry you have suffered. I truly am. I had a really had a hard time admitting that I did this to myself but now I am cool with it and sharing my story. I will send you a link when my blog goes up but wanted to reach out to you now too.

    Thank you for your posts and videos and the reassurance that what I am doing for myself is on the right track! Perfect timing :)

  16. so heres another one for the books…. age 22 was 170# age 23 150 age 24 110#, im 5’6 and my weight ALWAYS flucuated back and forth during my teen age years but i was always in the heftier side. i lost some wieght in highschool and then gained it back. forward to my 20s, i decided enough was enough and started working out at home and then kickboxing and then spinning and then started lifting weights…. i had no trainer, i weighed myself everyday i had to hit that “magic number” i was down to 110 pounds, and couldnt let anything go, i was irritable, had no energy unless it was for a workout and i ate very healthy, but wasnt eating enough. i stopped eating bread and peanut butter, no fat. just veggies and fruits sometimes chicken. i saught helpe because it was affecting my life, my future and most important my health. i lost my period… went to the doctor and saw a physchologist and things were okay i gain weight and i had a mental war with myself a lot. so i do classes and spin that was my routine, and then i decided i want more than this, i need a change, challenge… enter jamie eason live fit training…. i spent a year trying to build muscle layed off the cardio, followed the plan, went on vacation and still kept it strict and HAD to find a gym of course, into the last phase i started carb cycling…. i PUT ON SO MUCH WEIGHT it was unreal. i steadly was gaining weight through out the year with added muscle and i was ready to carb cycle and shred it off…. uh yeah that didnt happen i put on weight and it will not come off…. i stopped the live fit program and tried going back to my diet before i went on this thing, and nothing. i started doing crossfit in the past three months, ive realized that i love this, the exercises are different everyday, im listening to my body and i feel stronger from this, and i realized such a huge thing for me, theres bodysculpting and theres actually functional movements to make you stronger, the thing is no matter what i do, the weight has not come off, im okay with it, but for how long? ya know, i work so hard and eat right and finidng a balance with myself, i see girls, women wanting this certain look, this perfection, always comparing and materialized things, and we put this pressure on us that were not good enough. anyways… i still havent had my period just not sure where to go anymore.

    • wow.. 110 for your height is very low… hell.. 110 is low for someone 5’3″
      I’ve heard a lot of people who had a hard time on Jamie’s Program but that is because I believe your metabolism was damaged to begin with.. like I said in a past video– Your ENGINE is broken.. you can get a new paint job, you can fix the windshield wipers… but until you fix the ENGINE nothing is going to work.
      As I have found in my personal experience its taken well over a year to heal and I’m not there yet. My answer is to YES do things that make you feel GOOD and STRONG (I LOVE Crossfit) and that doesn’t focus on the outer part
      HOWEVER, seeing that you still haven’t had your period, you are still in a bad place…
      Look up the resources I listed and either find a Naturopath in your area or get ahold of Jade Teta at Metabolic Effect.. there is also Melissa Binkley (google her) or Dr. Lam (
      you DO need some kind of intervention and labs to get back on track
      good luck sweetie!

  17. How did you wean off of your original medications? They have me on Armour, DHEA, estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone.

    • I’m still on Armour, but I just stopped taking everything– DHEA, test, progest, and I was also on something for high prostaglandin, I can’t think of what it was right this moment.
      Just stopped it all.
      I’m not saying thats how you should.. thats just what I did

  18. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I have been playing stump the doctor for over a year now and I was/am on many of the same medications that you were on. After reading this and doing some research, I have discovered that many of my problems stem from a Candida overgrowth. I have so happy that I could cry. It means so much to finally have a direction to move in and to finally see that there will be an end to my suffering.

  19. This post is very helpful and was actually one of the first posts that relates to me. I never was a part of a fitness competition but i am guilty for over excercising (more then 3 hours a day) and under eating. This eventually led to me becoming anorexic. I became weight recovered but still continued my horrible path (going through Adrenal fatigue). I only took progestrone for 10 days. My period came back naturally however.:) I am deciding between two books: the one from Dr. Lam or the one from Scott Abel. I am not sure which one is the best for me. I have a feeling Scott Abel would be a book more related to my situation and really talks about dangers of dieting. Give me your opinion?
    Keep on updating us with your videos!!
    Thank you:)

    • well sweetie.. Dr. Lams book is very “medical” and comprehensive about TREATING it.. Scott’s book addresses a lot more of the mental aspects..
      hmmm it would be hard to tell you which to get… I’d probably stick with Scott’s as its easier to read and I think the mental part is so much harder to overcome. Good luck sweetie and check out my youtube channel there are about 4-5 updates 😉 hang in there

  20. Which of Scott Abel’s ebook do you recommend?

    • OMG well a lot of them are good.. I would just start with Metabolic Damage and the dangers of dieting and then read the beyond the mirror one

      • I bought the Metabolic Damage one. So far so good. Does it talk about HOW to fix the problem? I hope I didn’t spend $40 on just learning what I kinda already know. I’m on a high fat diet right now. I’m not sure that its working for me though but I’m LOST and taking ad from a friend. Help :(

        • here’s the deal… HOW to FIX the problem is THIS– stop every fucking thing you did to get IN the problem. Stop dieting (you’re still dieting) stop cardio… rest rest rest. STOP TRYING to lose weight. It will come.. but its going to take awhile.. the more you push, the more your body will push back. I’m doing a webinar on it very soon.. Jade Teta emailed me today.. he’s a genius on the hormones aspect.. I will tell you guys EVERYTHING that I’ve been doing, but you won’t like how long its taken.. and I didn’t either.. but I tried to fight the system and it didn’t work.. now its taken me 3 times longer because I didn’t listen to people like me

          • *sigh*….ur right. I am still dieting :(. The weight gain is so stressful and depressing. This has been such a hard week on top of school and work. I’ll be waiting for that webinar! Have you finally been able to recover and go back to “normal”?

          • What about weight lifting? I don’t do any forms of cardio but i am lifting

  21. Jst stumbled across this post and this describes me! Four years ago I lost 120 pounds through clean eating and exercise. However, I took the cardio to the extreme. Literally, over night my body fell apart. Debilitating arthritis, two stress fractures in the spine, nw need a shoulder replacement. I am in incredible pain conctantly. I feel like my blood is a toxic pool of chemicals due to the medications that i am on.Slowly the weight is coming back and I can’t stop it! Depressed, afraid, etc. Still doing a small amount of weight training and limited cardio on elliptical. I need help and don’t no where to turn. Limited financial resources.

    • start with plenty of rest and adding healthy fats into your diet.. Coconut oil by a tablespoon am and pm. Get rid of caffeine
      If you can afford, look up a naturopath who has a Paul Check or Charles Poliquin certification
      Good luck and I pray you will feel better soon. Be patient,

  22. Thank you! This is me too except for the high cardio -was skinny and gained 25 pounds. I have my thyroid under control now, but cannot lose the weight despite 1200 calories 75g carb a day for a year – I’m still gaining on 1200 cals and cannot figure out how to reset my metabolism, so I just quit dieting! Can you share specifically what your thyroid issue was and your prior tsh levels?

  23. Is there a Part II???

  24. Dark Phoenix says:

    WOW!!! I have been searching for thyroid-fitness related matters for over a year now! Thanks for this. Cardio is my nightmare… 1st of all I kinda hate it. :S and 2nd of all it does not help me get anywhere and that is why I kinda hate it…

    The story of my fit life starts back in 2009… I will try to make it short. I became a stalker of bodyrock (for those who don’t know it’s a fitness site giving out HIIT workouts for free along with nutrition tips although I stopped due to health reasons which I’ll explain later). In 2010 I said to myself that I want to be a part of it, and so it happened. I started working out at 68 kg (about 150 lbs) and 168cm tall 5.5 feet (haven’t gotten any xtra cm though haha). For a year I was trying every day with a break on Sundays. I gave up sugar (even in my coffee or tea which was hard for me), fats, ate much more fruits and vegetables, less carbs mostly natural ones, and so on. So getting in the second year I found myself in a plateau and decided it was time for me to do some weight training, so I got my gym membership. Being consistent and not giving up without being brought down by my weight which fluctuated all the time for NO reason!!! One week I was 63kgs at the end of the week I was 65kgs (143lbs) and it also applied to my wardrobe… Then I took my first fat burners from a bodybuilding supplement store (I am not going to say the brand though) and I lost 2.5 kgs in one month I was happy I was 62kgs (136lbs) at last! So I continued and the next month I was 60.5kgs (133.3lbs). I could not believe it! The 3rd month I jumped up to 65kgs again.. Was I frustrated!!! Anyhow after 8 months I had to undergo a surgery and I should not workout with weights for 2 months after. That is when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease… But I could not stand not doing anything so I started bellydance after the first month. My weight had gotten back to 68kgs… urggg was I brought down… :'( Strangely enough this does affect my weight in a way of it’s own sometimes gaining and sometimes losing, but unfortunately there is no therapy for that (I assume you know that).

    I was devastated I thought I will never make it and I stopped working out. I thought what’s the freaking point, if my thyroid isn’t going to let me? But this year in October a comment slapped me in my face: “You have gotten weight, haven’t you?” and It also came from a man!!!! O.O I said to myself “WTF ARE YOU DOING?” And I started again…. So here I am asking for your help. have you got any experience dealing with this kind of autoimmune disease? Can you give me any tips? I have gotten nowhere yet. I have been training for almost two months now, but I am only catching up to the strength and endurance that I have lost during the past year. I do HIIT training again. Will it help me? what do you think?

  25. I know I am 2 years late to the party, however, thanks for posting this. My doc says my thyroid is ok but I still have all the symptons you described. I will turn 40 this year and am afraid I will be a fatty forever. This gives me hope that I can fix WTH is wrong with me!


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