Medically-supervised Bulimia for treatment of obesity?

Medically-supervised bulimia– the new trend in “treating” obesity?
Why YES!!

So this is probably not what the doctors or surgeons who created Asprire Assist want to call their new idea, but essentially, that’s what it is. (in my opinion)

What is AspireAssist, you ask? Well, from their website:

The AspireAssist gives patients control over their weight loss by a method known as Aspiration Therapy. With Aspiration Therapy, patients “aspirate” (drain) a portion of their stomach contents into the toilet after each meal through an endoscopically-implanted tube, reducing the number of calories absorbed by the body. The tube is implanted in the stomach, and leads to a small, low-profile port at the surface of the skin. Aspiration performed about twenty minutes after a meal will remove about a third of the calories consumed. The AspireAssist is used in conjunction with a lifestyle modification program, and requires careful and comprehensive medical monitoring.

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin on this one. Luckily so many of you posted your comments on Facebook, it was good to see that I’m not the only one who thinks this is an INSANE idea.

So.. let me get this straight– I can eat whateverthefuck I want… and then drain it in the toilet and not have digest any of the calories?!! SCORE!!!
Can we all have one?!!
We won’t have to worry about portion control ever again! We can go to an all-you-can-buffet all day!
We can keep the economy going with our gluttony and still fit into a swim suit every year (but maybe a one piece, to cover up our poker-chip sized plastic hole in our guts)

Alright.. seriously. This is beyond disturbing and sad. Not only is it completely making money off of someone who is very very desperate to lose weight, it teaches them nothing and possibly (likely) exacerbating a food addiction and starves them of nutrients and leaves a gaping hole in their body open to possible infection and gut issues.
Let’s also not forget the cost of the tubes… for life! (because remember, this is a “long-term” solution)
The reasons why “Big Pharma” doesn’t like cures: they make much more money in treatment. They especially love long-term treatment.

Don’t worry though, I’m sure, if you get the right letter of recommendation, you won’t have to pay a dime. Your insurance will cover it, or if you’re “lucky” enough to be one of the obese people in a lower-socioeconomic class (which, by the way, has a much, much, higher percentage of obesity) then, by golly, medicaid, medicare, Obamacare or what-have-you (tax payers… oh.. me?) will pay for it for you!!! Hooray!!
Shit. There is so much wrong with this I can’t even keep each thought separate.
Here is what I really want to know though… WHAT CAN WE DO?

Let’s just start with me. I get online here, I try to give FREE information, free videos, free workouts, free nutrition tips, etc. I speak out and try to be a good example. I try and share stories of people who have lost 5, 10, 80, 100, 125+ lbs. to show it can be done. What else can I do?
What else can the leaders in the field of health, nutrition and exercise do?

I think this is something every single one of us need to think about because ULTIMATELY we WILL be paying for this shit. One way or another. Through surgery or medical complications. It really just has to stop. The easy way is NOT the right way. Honestly, I can’t even say this is the easy way.. its just effing sick!

Let me know your thoughts? What else can I do? What else can we do as a community, as a society?

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  1. Disgusting. I’m not sure what else there is to say… :(

    • its a shame. what else do we do, if we’re supposed to be the health promoters? How can we convince people this isn’t a solution but a bandaid?

      • This is horrifying. I don’t like the fact that the uneducated and those in a lower socioeconomic demographic can be preyed upon. It’s so upsetting that this is considered a medical solution. This is making my stomach hurt…LITERALLY. I am quite disgusted!

  2. Shortcuts with long term problems….how can this crap get approved? SMH

  3. this is soooooo soooooo sooooooo f***ed up on SO many levels!!!!!

  4. I would never allow someone to do something like this to my body. I’d rather stay overweight and out of shape if I didn’t have the will power, desire and mental fortitude to work out and get health on my own. This is wrong on so many levels…effing gross * BELCH, HEAVE, GAG*

  5. And of course no one who gets this procedure will abuse it. No, never. I’m sure they’ll never eat copious amounts of food because they know they can just pump it out. Nah. Just like the thousands who had gastric bypass and thought they could then eat whatever they wanted – in spite of what their doctors told them – and have gained all their weight back, gotten terribly sick or even died. No no no. No way anyone will do anything other than what their doctor tells them to do. Oh, wait, that would mean their doctors never told them to cut back on their food or to exercise or to eat whole foods and drop sugar or they wouldn’t be obese and “need” this. See??? It’s their doctors fault they got this way to begin with!!!!
    Sorry for the rant, but, seriously, WTH!?!?!?!!!!

    • oh rant away.. you’re in good company.. there was much more I said.. haha but the video was too long and the audio was messed up.. Of course it will get abused… part of this issue is a food addiction, this will just allow it. Its nuts

  6. All I have to say is WTF?!?!?!?!??

  7. I can believe this is what’s happening now. Although I also expected our country might just become more complacent. Have you ever seen the movie Wall-E? I’m glad there are people like you who aren’t afraid to voice your opinions on this since all I ever see anymore is people bashing on healthy people all the time. Or people are offended when ever someone brings up obesity as a health issue…a health issue the tax payers have to pay for! I wonder when our country will start to take it seriously.

    • I have not seen Wall-E looks like I need to!
      I’m surprised I haven’t seen more excuses and supporters of this device/procedure… but I think we’re really getting to the point where it just is ridiculous!

  8. That is so nuts!!! RIDICULOUS!!! I once got an email that wanted me to blog about this new diet called the 100 bite diet or something. Like you’re only allowed 100 chews the whole day. People are so weird.

  9. Everyone wants a quick fix instead of being educated and changing their lifestyle. Very sad!

  10. Obesity is a complex issue, first I would like to correct the use of the term “big Pharma” a surgical procedure using a medical implant device (such as an insulin pump or joint replacements, etc.) are not considered pharmaceuticals. They are medical devices. There are pharmaceuticals that address obesity and are mainly used to inhibit hunger or decrease the absorption of fat in the intestinal tract.
    I am not sure you can point a finger at any one factor it will take generations to re-educate and modify the habits and economy that feeds off of the public and generates millions of dollars.
    First we must as parents modify behaviors at the very beginning of our children’s lives. Take responsibility for reading labels and giving children food, candy, snacks when they are having tantrums or using food as a reward. Lets ensure that our young people in school are educated on the life long need for exercise, good nutrition and responsibility for medical health. Lets ensure our young people have health choices at school to eat and back the education that is offered in our cafeteria. There needs to be a connection between the medical professionals, nutrition and exercise professionals. I am an advocate of professional licensing of individuals in the nutrition and exercise professions. All of these professions need to interact together to ensure the success of the patient.
    There are medications available to assist patients in living better lives, but usually a pill alone will not treat the entire disease. But we live in a society that wants immediate success and that is why we have diet pills available to the public that are not monitored (unless proven to cause great harm or death) that promise immediate or quick success, and we know they do not work and can if not used as stated cause harm. We come from the super size me society, I want it now, and if you cannot promise immediate results I will go on to the next big hype. What is the definition of healthy weight and correct diet, there are conflicting studies, books, articles, and “clinical studies” constantly bombarding the public and the internet has increased the access to information that is not necessarily proven. What is healthier a size 10 women that exercises or a size 2 model (that we are media bombarded with) that smokes, starves and does not exercise because they are considered human clothes hangers? We cannot just blame doctors or anyone particular entity..there is money made in every aspect of the diet, beauty, and health industry… We as consumers and humans must take responsibility for how we raise our children and take responsibility for ourselves. It is important to be conscientious with our food choices, and our health choices, have open conversations with our health care providers and challenge ourselves to be better advocates of better food choices, healthcare that encourages preventative measures.
    The discussion of the obesity problem in America could go on and on but the responsibility lies first with the adult that you face in the mirror everyday. Until we face that reality we will have inventions that allow people to continue on as they have and rely on a machine or a pill or something else to do the work they do not want to do for themselves, it gives them an excuse and someone else to blame when it doesn’t work.

    • ah yes.. in my personal definition of “Big Pharma” it includes all drs. surgeons, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical drugs etc. as a whole— not necessarily just those in/part of the pharmaceutical industry… thats my bad.
      You have some fantastic ideas and I def agree it has to start with the person in the mirror.
      Its hard. Its definitely a complex issue and I think I do address that. There is definitely not a single answer and there’s not a single solution… I do know that we can’t continue to create THESE kind of “solutions” though, you know?
      How fucked up is it that in the United States, we have so much food (and access to food), we can actually eat more than we want and just drain it out?!
      While other countries have millions starving? Its just a big mess that at some point we’re going to have to rewind before its inevitable that everyone will have a “fat sentence” upon birth.
      Just really want to get the conversation and ideas going.
      Thanks so much for your post and comments!!

  11. I have no words for this. Absolutely pathetic

  12. Its insane and pretty damn pathetic

  13. I think we, as fitness professionals, just need to continue to educate educate educate. I also try to give free advice on nutrition on FB and twitter and my blog as much as I can too. Repetition. It’s gotta kick in at some point right? I mean it never ceased to amaze me how many people don’t know to cut out the processed food and how bad it is for you and eating REAL food is really the key to weight loss and longevity and pretty much, everything! I mean seriously, I’ve seen the “Aha!” moment go off in some people when they realize that they’ve been eating garbage for years. But I continue to educate and repeat and hope that THAT person tells another person and another one etc. And maybe in a few years (maybe more?) we’ll all be closer to being on the same page when it comes to food and health. I think with social media the message is spreading quicker than ever but unfortunately, with that, comes BAD information. I’m still amazed people are looking for the quick fix like this Aspire Assist crap. But…if we just continue to spread the word, maybe the next generation’s grandkids won’t even know what “gastric bypass” is. :)

  14. Sick, disgusting and pathetic. WTF is this world coming to?

  15. Strong. Can’t agree with you more. I think what we do is just this. Speak out against it ALL THE TIME. If there enough of us doing so, maybe we can actually sway public opinion. Well done!

  16. I’m not sure I can even accept the thought that people even thought about this. Bulimia is a disorder that shouldn’t be “used” as medical “treatment”. What have we become? This makes me so sick. Not sure I need to say more. I’m outraged!

  17. omg…this is just awful… just like learning peoples to puke… just like telling people “rigth you are fat let me prescribe u “clean boulimia” you’ll loose the weigth”!! It so disgusting specially when i ‘ve been seeing a friend struggling for years befor she manage to get ride of that awful desorder!!

  18. Literally.. holy SHIT

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