July Challenge “Lunge for the Gold”

What is the #1 Exercise of trainers for toning thighs inside, outside and all around? LUNGES.


Lunge for the Gold

Besides the squat, lunges are a staple exercise that NO strength or toning program should be without. They are great for stability, strength, tone, and shape AND there are a ton of variations!

July will be a month of lunging for the gold– We want those sexy leg sweeps, tight tushes (yep, lunges hit the bum too!) and gorgeous gams to show off the rest of the summer!

Here is the Challenge–

(Add these to your workout routine or do them  4 days per week)

Week #1 (July 1- 7)

HIGH REP LUNGES –These are great for women who say their legs grow very easily, if you have a hard time with getting bigger thighs; do these anyway because they will help with stability and get ready for more progressive work

3 sets of 30 walking lunges 

Week #2 (July 8-14)

SIDE LUNGES– these are going to target inner and outer thighs—BAM!

3 sets of 20 side lunges EACH leg

Week #3 (July 15-21)

REVERSE LUNGE WITH WEIGHTS— this one will target that tush a little more, plus adding some weights will help increase muscle building

3 sets of 24 Reverse Lunges (12 each leg)

Week #4 (July 22-31)

JUMPING LUNGES-– these are a plyometric move (please make sure you’re comfortable with the past 3 weeks or stay on week #3) Jumping Lunges help increase power, get the heart rate up and help really condition the lower body

3 sets of 24 jump lunges (12 on each leg)

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  1. Good form in the first photo. I just don’t like the shoes she’s wearing. It seems unsafe. (can you tell I teach pre-k?)

  2. I’m in! Woo hoo!

  3. So excited to start my first week! I have already noticed such a difference after following a running plan for 6 weeks and am loving my progress… Keep it up ladies 😀

  4. Katrina says:

    Do your legs ever stop hurting?!?!?! I’ve have sore legs every day for the second week now.

  5. Amy Gray says:

    I am late for this!!! I didnt know this was going on, but thanks to your latest blast email I discovered the July challenge. I’m on it :) Starting with Week 1, so I’ll be a little behind than everyone else, but I’ve looking for exercises to hit my thighs and butt more, so this is awesome. Thanks!

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