#JERF October Challenge

What is ‘REAL’ food? 

(this was a PERFECT Description from Domesticity Nouveau)

It’s food that has only itself as an ingredient:
Onion vs battered onion ring.  Roasted chicken vs chicken nugget.  Baked potato vs potato chip.

It’s food that you could grow or raise yourself:
You might not want to or have the space, but you could grow lettuce and you could raise a cow.
It is highly unlikely that you have access to a laboratory to synthesize instant cheese sauce.

It’s food that comes in its whole natural form:

A chunk of beef and fresh vegetables rather than a frozen dinner entrée of beef pot pie.  It’s chicken broth and cream instead of a can of cream of chicken soup.


Make at least ONE REAL FOOD MEAL a day.

Take a picture.

Instagram or tweet the pic to @SweatyBetties #JERFChallenge

Get Creative! Look up Paleo Blogs & share recipes! This should be fun! 

Example of #JERFChallange Breakfast

#JERFChallenge Dinner Idea


PS. for the training challenge, I personally am starting over with my 12-week Program. Since my move, I got off track and had no gym for 2.5 months. I’m starting with week #1 this week! Feel free to join back in! I’m also going to be taking progress pictures AND measurements this time! Eeek!!

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  1. Rachel Little says:

    Hey I found the coolest website for this!!!! She has meal plans & a grocery list!


    It’s so easy. I LOVE how the menu layout & recipes are so simple and quick. I love how easy & ‘quick to grab’ meals are mixed in with more prep meals. How left overs are utilized and used up. It’s a PERFECT menu for kids too.

    REAL food is the way to go!


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