January Mile-a-Day Challenge

Hey all you Sweaty Betties and Gents!!
We just got back from a long vacation in Asia and we feel like we need to get moving!!
We hope you enjoyed the December Push-Up Challenge and this month will be a little more cardio based…
**ONE MILE a day for all of January**

One-mile-a-day EVERYDAY in January

If you are a beginner, you can walk.

Hopefully by the end of the month you’ll be able to jog (or jog faster)

This can be done on a track, sidewalk, or treadmill. (If you need to modify by using a bike, make it 2 miles)
this can be done in addition to your regular routine and shouldn’t take more than 15 mins a day.

Let us know your times and how you improve!


Happy New Year 2012

We are so excited for 2012 and have lots of challenges, videos, nutrition info and recipes for you this year… and most of all… fun!!

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  1. arbed lhad says:

    how about an elliptical?

  2. Can’t wait to start this challenge. Just what I needed!

  3. How about 2 miles? ūüėČ I dream of hoPping on that treadmill, you know the one next to the hot guy! And having the stamina to someday keep up with his 5 miler pace. Without spitting, grunting, dropping my music, ya know looking like a RUTARD sweating and trying not to fling off the treadmill… Yeah, I think I need 2 miles a day…

  4. I plan on adding a mile to what I already run… Thanks girls!

  5. Cannot wait!!!!!! Great idea!!!! :-)

  6. Love this idea! 1 mile isn’t too daunting AND I can make myself stay on a treadmill for a just mile when the weather outside is bad.

  7. i’m in!

  8. honorine garcia says:

    day one done whoop whoop happy new year

  9. Its my first day with the new challenge. Already ran the 1 mile on a track in the rain and crazy wind. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Thanks DIanne for the motivation!

  10. I’m in! Fantastic challenge to start the new year.

  11. you two make me smile.

  12. I just found out about this today but I am all for it! I already ran my 2.5 for the day! One of my goals for 2012 was to be more consistent with my running … this should get me off to a great start!

  13. I love this idea. I am just finding this post today so I will make up my mile for yesterday also.

  14. Love it! Gave you a mention for the challenge in my latest blog post :)

  15. Did 2miles on Sunday & then again today (1.5swift walk .5 jog)….missed yesterday b/c we were out all day long…since im not working at the moment no $$ for gym membership, so its the local track at the park (which is free)……excited to see how far I get in 1month!

  16. I’m in! Just what I needed – and extra push. Doing dairy free and sugar free each day of January also!

  17. I just joined a gym (yay!) so now I have access to a treadmill and I’m thinking about doing this challenge! :)

    • awesome Shannon! thats great news on the challenge and the gym! stay tuned to our Youtube for workout ideas;)

    • Hi Betties! First off your page is great, love it! I was wondering where or how to racete a good workout plan. I’ve been using muscle and fitness hers. I’m relatively new to working out and love it. I’ve been doing it for about a year and have noticed results, but I want to be better. A few years back, I set a goal to lose weight and lost 120 pds with healthy eating, now I’d like to get into shape and maybe one day try a fitness competition(no where near that right now), but I have no idea where to start. Any help would be awesome, you ladies are inspiring.

      • aw thanks! well start emailing competitors you see and find a good coach! they can usually tell you where the best place to start is as far as which show to do first! good luck and congrats on your weight loss!

  18. Christina says:

    I just found this site. I’m extremely over weight. I’ll start the challenge in the morning by walking. I plan on making this a regular routine and I will run this mile! This will be my goal!!!!

    • LOVE this!! We want EVERYONE to be able to take part in the challenges and it makes us even happier when someone is new to it. We hope you do well, keep us in the loop on how you progress

  19. I’m in too! Three miles every other day should cover it.

  20. I just discovered your site. I am starting this challenge today. I love weights and strongly dislike cardio so this really is a challenge.

  21. aww thank you so much!


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