I have food issues

“I have food issues”
Do you?
Many of you will nod your head, in fact, I would too…

Until, I started giving it a deeper thought… hmmm

Here’s what I have to say and I realize it might not be popular

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! I learned through counseling that eating “clean” and buying my “safe” foods were a way for me to manage my anxiety(I still eat healthy foods because that’s what I prefer, but it’s the mindset that drives these behaviors that can become unhealthy). I’ve always thought of myself as someone with “food issues” but having learned that my real issue lies in anxiety(which I never knew I had a problem with until recently), I realize food never really was the “source” of my problem.

  2. Jan Seabolt says:

    Straight on, I have this conversation so many times with clients. So many really don’t want to hear this. They want the excuse they have been using for themselves and telling others. The answer is so simple but facing the real issue is, for most, so painful. I really believe besides what you have said here, there is the issue of all the nonfood people eat. That their bodies are begging for “real” food. Keep filling your body with nonfoods, processed junk, and emtpy calories and you have created a real food issue… the issue being your body screaming to you that it is starving! That being said, I still struggle at times with slipping back into the self loathing. When I allow this to happen my “bad” eating habits return and I can pick up right where I left off. The only difference now is I am aware so much sooner of what I am doing to myself. As soon as I “get it” I can work on getting rid of it again. The best I, personally, can do is to, own it, fix what I can, and move forward. I love your rants and love your site!

  3. I just wish I could figure out what my issues are! I binged Sunday afternoon, last night and again when I got home today. I cover it up & do it without even thinking.

    • Tonya- you may need to seek some counseling or hypnotherapy.. there may not be a “reason” per say, but maybe anxiety over something.. I would look into your feelings and take some time.. its not always apparent or easy, but it will be worth it

  4. Missy Traub says:

    Loved the video!! I am in OA a 12 step program at this time. You did a great job of explaining in simple terms what most people can not understand. Thank you for sharing.

    • glad you’re working on you!! OA is a great program… I had a very very hard time, for a long time, with the whole “higher power” thing.. it would get me stuck again and again.. now I get it.. I understand it and its totally not a religious sense to me.. its now that I realize I have a purpose.. and maybe all the shit I went through, was to talk it about it now and help others.. and it can be used for good.
      I thank you so much for sharing and leaving a comment

  5. I agree completely. I believe that everything we do is a choice. Every morsel of food that goes down my throat hole I made a choice to put there. Same goes with smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. The choice to become broken may not be ours but the choice to stay that way is.

  6. You totally nailed it. It is definitely easier to blame food rather than take a hard look at what’s fueling the behavior. Love your rants. Someone’s got to be saying this stuff publicly. Thanks for getting it out there & starting the conversation.

  7. dude. how did i not see this until now? i of course agree because i’ve been there, and i’ve felt that. it’s all this unrest inside of you that makes you reach out for external validation, and i was all over it with the drink, the food, etc. i have to say, though, that finding a badass therapist saved my life. she challenged me, she helped me get better, and she was just perfect and i’m forever grateful for her. it’s so important to have that support system, whether it’s here, with friends, and if you can see a professional, it will straight up save your ass. love that you speak the true word, lady! at least the closest you can get to it :) xx Fel

  8. Totally agree. You are amazeballs.

  9. Word!

  10. Thankyou.. needed to hear this again!

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