I don’t use toothpaste….and how to do oil pulling

I made a post on Facebook on how I hadn’t gone to the dentist in 7 years.
Well, after a stellar bill of health from the dentist I also admitted something else..
aghhhh!! gross, they say!!
Well… I’ve found a few new things that are awesome for cleaning the mouth:

Oil Pulling and Brushing with DIRT

You can get the Primal Life Organic Toothmud here

check it out!!

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  1. Melissa says:

    I have heard of the oil pullling before. I just don’t know how I could swish coconut oil for that long without swallowing it:) Guess I’ll try and see.

  2. Michelle says:

    How long does one of the little tooth powders last?

  3. I love oil pulling!!! Been doing it off and on for a year and I was so excited to see you were talking about it!’n I’m in on the April challenge! I feel great when I’m consistent with it (leads one to wonder why I am not consistent then….lol!) so your motivation is totally appreciated!!!

  4. Is it important to do oil pulling on an empty stomach?

    • I have read in some places that it is.. but I also do it at night when I’ve eaten all day.. I figure doing it at all is better than not.. so I don’t think in the grand scheme of things it matters

  5. justme :) says:

    go to the primal earth organics website, or google homemade toothpaste homemade deodorant etc, and like the commenter It Begins With Food said about her hair: Don’t waste money BUYING these products, make them yourself for the couple bucks it’ll take in a fun afternoon. You are corporate whores even if you are following an organic product

  6. I have been doing this for a while now and I love it. I also use the PLO toothpaste and oil and it is awesome!

  7. Natasha says:

    Danny, my dad said he also read somewhere that you can rub your teeth with banana peels and it helps polish them!

  8. I stopped using traditional toothpaste months ago becuz of the flouride. I’ll use coco oil and baking soda or Toms toothpaste. I’ve oil pulled before… must get back to doing it :)

  9. TheraBreath is another great toothpaste…not sure if it’s considered ‘organic’ or anything along those lines, but when I made the switch, I never went back to regular toothpaste.

  10. Yep I brush my teeth with mud too, I have a body care line too and make it. :) I make it in orange as well, people love it.

  11. I’ve been trying oil pulling but I end up literally gagging for 15 minutes all teary eyed and ready to barf lol Any suggestions on how to help with that? I literally dread oil pulling now.

  12. I’ve started oil pulling and I use coconut oil (it’s cold pressed, but that’s all my grocery has so it’ll have to do until I get to a specialty store). The initial texture is pretty awful, but once it warms up in your mouth, it’s not too bad at all to swish. I find that working on the computer makes it go by pretty quickly and I don’t even think about it. :) Though, I do keep a wash cloth on hand. Inevitably, there’s always a bit of drool (btw, don’t do it around others. Ha!)

  13. Heather Cox says:

    I followed the link you gave at the top but it won’t show me the paste when I get on the website. It’s a drop down menu but it disappears before you get a chance to choose anything.

  14. sharon flynn says:

    does it have to be coconut oil ??

  15. There is no scientific evidence that coconut oil or similar oils pulls toxins from your mouth. The only thing it has been proven to do it strengthen tooth enamel.

  16. Michelle says:

    I think i would like to pour some of my liquid vegetable oil in with my mouthwash?

  17. What are the costs of these things?


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