How to take proper progress pictures

Not that there are any RULES, but this is the most effective way, I’ve found, when taking progress pictures of my clients and myself 😉

Please be kind, I tried to strip down to give you an idea, I felt very vulnerable

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  1. awesome video it is nice to get some insight on how to do these properly to get the best “view” to see your changes. thanks for being so brave and putting it all out there to help us out.

    • thanks Brittany! that was a tough one for me, because I used to ONLY let people see me at my best.. well I’m far from my best, but right now I just need to accept and love myself as I am, so it was a test for me to put it out there.. thanks for the support and not making me feel like a goon for doing it;)

  2. You look beautiful. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Another great video, girl! You’re so gorgeous!!

  4. I think you look amazing!

  5. You look fantastic!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for the video, it’s motivating for me to go take pics, especially since I REALLY don’t want to.

  7. I’ve never even thought of taking pics, I will start! You look terrific — seriously, you are adorable! Thanks for the vid!

  8. Progress pics are a great tool! After my youngest was born I did this. When I got to the point where I wasn’t losing as much and seeing big changes anymore I looked at my before/now pictures and was like “Damn! I am making progress!” Really kept me motivated to keep it up :)

  9. Thanks for sharing this! I am taking my progress photos now. Where did you get your shorts? I’ve been looking for those kind everywhere.

  10. Danny….ur crayyyyyzeee. You look awesome! Your idea of ” not my best” is what most women aspire to look like. You are beautiful inside and out! Never apologize for or judge the way you look ….especially when ur fabulous!!!!! You look awesome! And good posing tips! You helped me through a tough time and will be eternally grateful :) xoxo

  11. Thaabit says:

    this video was very helpful, thanks for the tips!
    i’ve seen this a lot, when the after pics are more dolled up with better hair and make up on!
    it kinda adds to the effect. ether way your idea is pretty simple and ideal.
    thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks…I did my first photo last week…and I need to do over since I didn’t do them correctly! And you look great; to only someday have a tight/toned body like yours!

  13. I just downloaded the 12 week lifting program. I have questions about some of the exercises. What’s a body row?


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