How to Cure Anxiety for good. An interview with Trudy Scott

I haven’t mentioned too often, that I used to suffer with SEVERE anxiety and depression.

I had been on all kinds of medications and I thought I would be on a life time of pills.

I used to have panic attacks so bad at night that I was even afraid to go to sleep!

I would drive around in my truck until I was so tired, that I would fall asleep in a parking lot.
It was bad!

I was so happy to have the honor of interviewing Trudy Scott, the author of The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution. If you have ever suffered from minor anxiousness to full blown panic attacks, you’ll want to hear of some of her easy tips and DEFINITELY get a copy of this book for yourself! It’s a step-by-step guide, to figuring this all out with, simply, food.

Check it out, leave a comment below and you’ll have a chance to WIN one of five signed copies!

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  • 9 Great Questions Women Ask About Food, Mood and their Health
  • 5 Simple Steps to Reduce Anxiety Now
  • Is gluten one of the foods affecting your mood and anxiety levels?
  • Organic foods, Stanford study, pesticides and the brain
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  1. Melissa K says:

    Very intruiging! I’m extremely insterested.

  2. Melissa K says:


  3. Me and my sister both suffer from anxiety(hers has gotten worse, mine has gotten better). I really believe my diet & excercise have everything to do with that. She can have a panic attack while she is just sitting around. It’s terrible! She just recently lost another job due to her anxiety:( I can’t wait to read this book and get some ideas. Hopefully a solution! Thanks so much for sharing(:

    • I’m sorry to hear that, but also VERY hopeful and yes, I too suffered very bad years ago and followed many of the things Trudy suggested without even knowing it. Diet and exercise I definitely believe are a huge reason why yours is getting better

  4. Great interview! Does the book give suggestions for vegetarians too?

  5. I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. I’ve been searching for a natural way to treat it and this seems very interesting. I would love to get the chance to read the book!

  6. So interested in this book! I just a little blurb about how exercise has helped my anxiety so much! Would love to learn more about the nutrition side of it! <3 Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Jodi Powell says:

    Would love to find foods that would help with anxiety. Just recently started really having issues with this and really don’t want to go on medication.

  8. Nikole Tiedemann says:

    I would live to read this book, a nutrition solution would be awesome!

  9. Donna Silva delao says:

    I Have awful axiety/ panic attacks more so at night to the point I wake up at night and cant breath. Its awful feels like I’m going to die. Hate it. I’m very interested in the book.

  10. Amanda Crawley says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book. My anxiety has been getting worse as I get older. Last time I went on a vacation trip to Florida I was very anxious just driving to the airport. I never felt anxious like THAT before. I hate that feeling. I never read into how to improve or get rid of anxiety.

  11. Angie Collins says:

    At this time in my life I have anxiety, but more so depression for the first time ever. I’m interested in natural ways to help.

  12. I suffer from severe anxiety. I’m trying not to let it affect my kids, but I’m afraid to leave my house with them. I just keep picturing horrible things happening to us that I’d rather just hide out inside where it’s safe. Unless a tornado hits, then it’s not. I get these kind of crazy thoughts all the time. It has helped somewhat my diet and exercise, now that I’ve started really doing it, but I still have my bad days. It’s hard to cope and I don’t want this to affect my two kids’ lives :/ or rather, I’d like to get it uncontrol before e damage is irreversible.

  13. Thank you SO much for posting this! I suffer from anxiety even while on medication and it’s extremely frustrating. I would love to not only be able to control it, but to (finally) be successful in not taking medication would be a dream come true! I cannot wait to read this and learn how nutrition can help control these spouts!

  14. My sister and I have both struggled with this for years. I have always thought it had something to do with maybe additives, preservatives, artificial colors etc. Very curious about this book and would love to win it!

  15. My anxiety had gotten so bad in the last year or two despite the fact that I exercise and eat better. I would love to know some natural ways to curb it.

  16. OMG I totally need this book! Thank you for sharing!! xo

  17. What an amazing interview!! Thank you for sharing…I’ve lived with depression/anxiety & hormone issues for far too long. It’s time to get off medication & thanks to Trudy & your interview I now have hope!! :0)

  18. I would love to win this! I have several family members on medication for anxiety, I would love to learn some natural ways to help them!

  19. I’m so pleased to see so much interest in this – you can totally eliminate anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks and depression – and you deserve to feel on top of the world always! thanks again Danny-J! and thanks to all of you for being open to this!

  20. Good interview, my 8 year old daughter suffers from anxiety! Hope we can get some good info out of the book for a youngster!

  21. This book looks awesome! I am studying to get nutrition certified and love the idea of using whole foods vs medication to help with this. I am a very anxious person and always looking for natural ways to lower this. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Such good information. My daughter struggles with anxiety and we are forever looking for ways to help her manage it and find her strength through it. I appreciated the interview and hope to have a chance to read the book.

  23. So interesting. I truly believe the food can be our medicine. In a society that has a pill for this and a pill for that…isn’t it nicw to know that most of these problems can be addressed with nutrition & exercise!

    I know many folks who has been able to get off depression Rx’s simply from making exercise part of their day. :) I have a couple clients that would be interestes in seeing thia book. Thanks Betties!

  24. I’d love to check this out!

  25. Did anyone win? I didn’t see anything posted.

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