Does Sensa Work?

Have you heard about Sensa or these other “sprinkle” products?
You basically have a little “shaker” that you carry around, sprinkle it on your food and it makes you eat 30-40% LESS calories?!!

Wow… sounds too good to be true… yeah. Let’s dissect and discuss:

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  1. HAH, I knew Sensa was a load of…you know, but I had NO idea it had fertilizer ingredients in it! Just crazy. Loved the video, really informative. And Danny you look FAB!

  2. Ewww That’s just gross! I tried Metamucil when I was pregnant because I needed the extra fiber and I could’t even chug it fast enough before it got all thick and nasty!

  3. Awesome experiment. I always wondered how Sensa works, not that I ever wanted to try it for myself, I tend to not use any supplements with such crazy claims but this is an awesome video anyway :)

  4. Wow!! I had no idea even metamucil wasn’t good for you!! Thanks Danny, and as always I love your sarcasm!!! Made me giggle :-)

    • haha no, I didn’t say Metamucil wasn’t good for you, I was just trying to show that ALL these products are is basically metamucil… which is NOT a weight-loss product.. however, the shit in sensa is bad for you!

  5. Thanks to THE SWEATIE BETTIES! You guys are quickly becomng my “go to for diet & fitness ideas, education & motivation. And of course Inappropriate Picture Fridays. Keep it coming Betties!!!

  6. whoa, we were talking about this at work the other day. A lot of the nurses I work with are always looking for fast fixes, eventhough I had no idea what was in sensa I told them to loose weight the old fashion way like i am. Thanks for the video!! BTW can’t wait to order my sweaty betty sweaty band :o)

  7. Alissa Scheller says:

    Thank you Sweaty Betties for doing this! So many people try these weight loss gimmicks and think they are safe and work. The commercial also says you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. How can that be healthy? The only trick to losing weight and being healthy, is to eat right and exercise. Hopefully more people will get that by learning from you guys! YOU ROCK!!

    • sighhh eat whatever you want.. so ridiculous! and I forgot to mention that I used HEAPING tablespoons to produce that much “sludge” —–> Sprinkling a little bit on your food isn’t going to make that much difference..
      There’s NO EASY WAY PEOPLE!
      Truth will prevail;) thats the goal! thanks for your comment!

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