December Flour-Free Challenge!

We know, we know it’s the holidays and there are plenty of tasty cakes, crackers and other goodies to go around, but we are challenging you to resist them all!  Ok, except for the actual days that count as your holiday.  Hop onto this challenge with us and see how your body reacts to the lack of flour (it should be greatly positive).

We’ll be blogging about our experience being flour-free, which we normally are at any rate, and with our amazing push up challenge! GO!

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  1. Alexis Blankenship (@alexisblankensh) says:

    Almond flour and coconut flour mixed together isn’t so bad. I don’t like one without the other though…Good ole’ paleo recipes :)

  2. If you still want the pasta, rice pasta is a great substitute. I think I will give it a try:) Better this week then closer to Christmas!

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