Working in Moore

me during some very labor intensive debris removal. I was drenched in sweat!

Manual, outdoor labor is probably the best workout that anyone could have. I would like to think even that THIS is why I train. I have never had to lift so many things, squat, carry, and breathe hard, as I have this week.
When I say I earned my sleep, I EARNED my sleep. Pure physical exhaustion and it felt soooo good!

I didn’t go out to help with the tornado clean-up to toot my own horn or try and look like a saint. (All y’all know, I cuss and I’m inappropriate and I’m no Stepford Wife)
However, I have been helped many times in my life and I think one of my gifts is that I am very empathetic. When someone hurts, I hurt. I try to put myself in others shoes and I couldn’t imagine being in the shoes of the people who lost homes (and even loved ones) and had no help.
The mess in Moore, Oklahoma was overwhelming, to say the least…. and this is 8 weeks AFTER the fact! I love when people go on mission trips to other countries and to help people in need, but I find its very important to help our own neighbors when we can.

I was able to stop by the school that was leveled and where  7 children were killed. They had 7 crosses for them and their toys below them. I spent a few minutes reading the messages and I cried. I also heard about the animals that were injured and I will post a picture below that is a little graphic, but the horse lived and the pic below is the same horse, healing.

My volunteer group. A few Sweaty Betties and a few new friends

My volunteer group. A few Sweaty Betties and a few new friends

outside the elementary school that was blown away and 7 children were killed

outside the elementary school that was blown away and 7 children were killed

me during some very labor intensive debris removal. I was drenched in sweat!

me during some very labor intensive debris removal. I was drenched in sweat!

the fence around the school site. So many notes, flags, toys, etc.

the fence around the school site. So many notes, flags, toys, etc.


a house who had roof damage from the tornado and then it collapsed from a storm the night I was there.

a house who had roof damage from the tornado and then it collapsed from a storm the night I was there.


This photo was provided to me by one of the Sweaty Betties. This was her friend’s horse. She mentioned how no one even thinks of the animals, but so many were hurt or killed or are in shelters because they were lost.
I cringe looking at this photo, but the good news is that she is healed and lived. This just really illustrates the power of those winds and the storm.

This horse is doing better now. I can't help but be amazed that she lived!

This horse is doing better now. I can’t help but be amazed that she lived!


What to eat while you’re traveling and Premier Protein Review

What to eat when you travel

I have been on the road for over 2 weeks and I realized the importance of bringing your own food or having some quick and easy snacks while you’re out and about.
Of course, whole foods are your best option, but sometimes those go bad or just aren’t available. I love to have a few protein bars on hand and Premier Protein in one brand that I like!
They asked me to do a review, and I gladly accepted, as I have been using their products for at least 6 years now.
So here’s how I use them and keep an eye out for a contest next week to WIN!!!

Premier Protein on Facebook


Inspiration & Perspiration TICKETS

Inspiration (2)


So excited to meet you all to educate, motivate, inspire and have fun!!!

Do you ever feel soooo tired of dieting? 

Do you want to just have balance and not think about food ALL. THE. TIME?

Does it seems like some people can eat whatever they want and you can’t? 

Have you wondered how you can find balance in your life?

Do you want to be successful but you feel “blocked”?

This workshop will be for you! Our intended audience is someone who has done the extreme diets in the past or who is brand new to fitness and wants to make sure they “do it right.” You don’t have to be an expert or a newbie, we will approach topics in a way to get you thinking healthy and have success in ALL parts of your life. 

You will leave this weekend with

-a renewed sense of self-confidence and self-love

-ways to deal/cope with stress and anxiety

– knowing how to balance work, family, life AND fitness

-knowing how and what kind of food to prep

-what diets are complete CRAP

-why calorie counting is complete BS

…and some great affirmations, meditations and yoga poses for healing.

WARNING This workshop is NOT for you if:

  • You are offended by f-bombs, in your face truth and learning that what you have always believed may not be true
  • You think happiness comes from a number on a scale or a clothing size
  • You are looking for someone or something outside of you to tell you what, when and how much to eat
  • You are not ready to dig deep and look at the root cause of your issues with food and body image
  • You don’t enjoy the company of AMAZING women who want you to succeed and will show you how
  • You make excuses for why you can’t afford anything, do anything or BE anything

We will have 2 workouts on Sunday, so be prepared! We will also cater lunch both days and breakfast is complimentary at the host hotel.

Amazing guest speakers including: Angie Gooding- Body Image Specialist and Rebekah “BEX” Borucki of!!

Angie Gooding

Rebekah “Bex” Borucki

Prizes from Sponsors, prize for whoever travels the farthest! Shuttle to strip in Vegas, meet new girl friends! Get away for a great weekend in Vegas!

You will leave this weekend with new friends, new hope, and a new love for yourself. 

Here are the details:

Dates: Sat. Oct. 20th & Sun. Oct. 21st

Time: Fri. 5-7pm meet & greet social (not required) Sat.10-6pm, Sun. 9-4pm

Cost: $225 per person if paid before Sept. 5th ($240 with Early Bird Payments)

**$275 if paid Between Sept. 5th and Oct. 5th and $299 after October 5th.

Where: Courtyard Marriott Las Vegas South in Las Vegas (mins from the strip)

HOTEL DISCOUNT CODE: SWEC or call 1-702-895-7519

— Group Rate: $109/night. We’ll have a FB Group in Sept for those who want to split rooms/cost–

BREAKFAST & LUNCH provided. FREE Wi-Fi. Airport Shuttle. Shuttle to Las Vegas Strip & Shopping.

EARLY BIRD AND GROUP DISCOUNTS (click on star for pricing)

BLOGGERS can Win a Ticket to #InspireLV12


Helllllllllooooo BLOGGERS and FAN PAGES!!

OMG we’re so lucky to announce that our new meeting space has a little extra room, so instead of selling those tickets we wanted to let FIVE of you have the chance to WIN, ATTEND, and Come to VEGAS!!

(ok, so we can’t pay for your flight or anything, but we can at least let you come to the workshop free)


#1. Publish a 50-100 word blog about “What Inspires you to sweat”

— include link in the blog to registration page:

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Thank you to our Diamond Sponsor MPG Sport

How do you eat healthy while traveling?

Second Big Road Trip-- an 8 hour move in 110+ degrees!

I’ve been on the road for about 4 weeks now and boy oh boy am I glad I know a few tricks on this topic! Once you make a commitment to eat healthier you start to realize how much eating healthier requires preparation, having good food on hand and the ability to cook or prepare your food on your own.

I’ve taken two 7+ hour road trips and two flights in the past 4 weeks. Let me tell you a few tips that have saved my ass (literally) and also saved a few bucks from the expense of eating out so much!

Second Big Road Trip– an 8 hour move in 110+ degrees!


1. Realize that things will NOT be ideal and you are just going to do the best you can. (and if you’re visiting friends, relax and have  a “fun” meal or two, you WILL get back to your routine soon)

2. Eat your regular meals before leaving: if you’re driving, make sure to have breakfast at home, this will keep you from easily grabbing snacks at the first gas station or airport ($$$$)

3. Pack a few MEALS to take with you. You CAN fly with food (just not liquids) and if you’re on a road trip, its super easy to throw a few meals in tupperware in a cooler and go.

Chicken & Fajita Veggies in a tupperware at the airport. Healthy and CHEAP!

4. If you KNOW you’re going to be eating out with friends and there will be treats or alcohol involved– eat HEALTHY meals and lots of veggies during the day– don’t skip any meals. Watch portions, but enjoy yourself!

I got to see my friends Sam and Cassey (Blogilates) for a meal. We had sushi!

5. Walk as much as you can. Whether shopping or site seeing, get out on foot and just take a few extra laps around the mall. If you stop for gas on a road trip, do 50 squats before getting back in the car! (yes I did this) Get the blood flowing!

6.  BRING snacks with you! Whether you are driving or flying, its easy to get “munchy” while sitting for so long. There will be a list of great options below…

7. Don’t FORGET to eat. Its easy to get busy doing activities and realize you haven’t eaten all day. Then its really easy to make bad choices when you’re starving. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to stop and get a healthy snack or meal. Aim for at least 300 calories to hold you over.

8. Eat all your veggies first. This is an easy tip. When you are eating out, you can ask for extra veggies and make sure to eat them before a lot of your starches and desserts. This will help you feel full and also slow the digestion of some of your sugars.

9. Stay hydrated! Flying and driving can dehydrate you which you may mistake dehydration for hunger. Bring a bottle of water and make sure to refill it a few times a day.

10. Don’t forget to have fun! Sometimes we get so stressed about the food choices, that we forget to realize its only a temporary condition (in my case a month! LOL) Do your best, but don’t stress. The time off can fuel your motivation to get back on track when you get home!

I randomly got to see my sister in law while in another city! How cool was that?!

Here are a few of my favorite snacks to bring on the road or plane:

– apples, grapes, oranges, cherries

– jerky (turkey or beef)

– tuna packets (people on the plane don’t usually like these, but I do)

– snap peas

– baby carrots

– protein bars (I like kinds that don’t melt like KIND, Quest Bars, or LaraBars)

– Nuts! Almonds, pistachios, cashews, peanuts

– Fruit Snacks (hey, not the healthiest, but my husband loves these)

– dried fruit- magoes, craisins, banana chips, etc.

– deli meat — not SUPER healthy, but not bad. Stays great in coolers on road trips


Some of you have been asking where’s Aubrie with The Sweaty Betties. Aubrie is no longer part of SB’s, she is currently working on opening her own gym, among other things.We wish her the best in her endeavors.