I won

We have our winner of the 35k Giveaway Prizes and it is…….. (drumrollllllll)

I won


Also 4 Premier Protein Pack Winners:

  • Jennifer Sauberan
  • Annie Mocniak Parker
  • Melissa Wood
  • Erica McGoey Marion

Then a very HUGE Thank you to Labrada Nutrition and Lean Body for Her 

they are donating 20 (TWENTY!!) prize packs for the folks in this months DIET BET!! (how cool is that?!?!)
So all winners need to email me their name and shipping address to

*PS there will be another diet bet next month in case you missed out!!

  1. Sarah Hubbard Owings
  2. Jennifer Moody
  3. Yesenia Villatrana
  4. Westy Morita Kessler
  5. Mackenzie Johnson Cassall
  6. Carrie Allen
  7. MJ Smits
  8. Melissa Clark
  9. Amanda Reinhardt
  10. Sarah Kurian
  11. Megan Carl
  12. Jackie Stulburg Dvorak
  13. Stephanie Gunn Garcia
  14. Tricia McCarroll
  15. Beth Evans
  16. Kristin Jennings
  17. Paulina Mikloz
  18. Michelle Gauthier
  19. Reve Quinn Fries
  20. Amy Alexander


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Premier Protein & Sweaty Betties Giant 35k Giveaway!

Premier Protein Giveaway

Too excited for words!

Screen shot 2012-11-16 at 12.37.08 PM

I realized I seem  a little high-strung and nutso here!
I’m sorry! This is my explanation of what is going on lately!!


Sweaty Betties Fitness is Here

Sweaty Betties Fitness Member Site

It’s here!! Check out the PRESS RELEASE

I have been doing one-on-one and online personal training for over 8 years and the fact I have come to realize is: not everyone can afford a trainer and a lot of women just need a clear cut plan and some direction and they’d be good!!

This is where the new site comes in!

  1. There are sample meal plans to fit your life, wants, needs (no one size fits all)
  2. There are weekly downloadable grocery lists with a dinner menu– kids and husbands will even love these!
  3. Workouts are short and effective. Some weeks are more fat-burning, some are muscle building. It will keep your body working at optimal levels without getting burnt- out
  4. MEGA Support– maybe your husband, friends, or family don’t always go along with you’re new changes, me and my wonderful ambassadors AND other members are here to help you!
  5.  I still need a trainer to ask questions! Well.. I’m here! Once a month we do a Q & A call as well as have a monthly interview with nutrition experts, authors and celebrities!

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE! BUT I will let you see for yourself!
Go to and create your own free profile.
If you’d like the downloads, etc. You can sign-up.

In the mean time.. just as a THANK YOU! I’m doing a HUGE Giveaway all this week if you create a profile! Check it out!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Birthday Bash Winner Announced!!

Screen shot 2012-09-17 at 10.31.07 AM


JENNIFER ELLIS entry #2895

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Sweaty Betties are 1 year old!! Happy Birthday to us!! Of course no birthday bash is complete without presents!!


Talk about GREAT prizes — HO-LY COW!! Over $900 Value of Prizes!


There will only be ONE winner of all of this! So try to go through as many steps as you can to get the most entries!!




A “CLICKED-out” Beach Cruiser Bike from Click Espresso Protein Drink I’m soooo excited about this bike, I want it!!

CLICKED out Beach Cruiser Bike!


$100 Gift Certificate to

$100 Gift Certificate


Gift Set– 2 tins of our sugar free,0-5 calorie dessert flavored teas, 1 box of biscottea, and a tea strainer


From The Necessiteas



One pair of Skora Running Shoes

Pair of Skora Running Shoes


1 Case (4 boxes of 12) of Primitive Fuels Snacks

1 cases (4 boxes of 12) of Primitive Fuels Snacks!


1 Box of Simply Bar– low-calorie, high-protein bars

Box of 12 Simply Bars


One Month Klutch Club Box

One Month Klutch Club Box with lots of fun samples, gifts and surprises!


Steps to enter this giveaway:

    1. Using the widget below, complete all the steps that say REQUIRED.  They are the first 3.  That is all you have to do, no more, no less.  If you choose to do the rest you will gain extra entries and increase your chances of winning.


  • After the required entries are completed, complete one, two, or all of the extra entry requirements to increase your chances of winning



  • After you are done for the day, you can COME BACK EVERYDAY and share this giveaway via the social media outlets at the bottom of this post for an additional entry.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners of the #InspireLV12 Blog Contest


What is #InspireLV12 ? It’s our hashtag for the wonderful two-day workshop Inspiration & Perspiration in Las Vegas, Nevada this fall!

The venue was slightly bigger than we expected, so we thought we would add a few more spots, but instead of just randomly auctioning them off, we had to make you work for it (KINDA)

We offered FIVE spots, ONLY to Health & Fitness Bloggers and pages. They had to post a blog about

“What Inspires Me to Sweat” 50-100 words.

Well, lets just say it was a tough competition and we argued about a few, so we picked SIX of you to come! (lucky chicks!)

Here are our winners (in no particular order): (With their blog linked and a favorite quote from their entry)

Missy from Mistransformation Knowing that I have and am inspiring others on their own fitness journeys is what inspires me to sweat.”

Missy of Mistransformation

Clarinda of Enjoying the Course “I sweat to love my reflection in the mirror”

Clarinda– Enjoy the Course

Lindsay from ALY Warriors Exercise is my anti-depressant, meditation, and the reason I am NOW living my best life!”

Linday of ALY Warriors

Mimi of Heavenly Healthy  “I am a more fit woman, wife, mommy and friend because of who I have found myself to be through being physically fit.”

Mimi of Heavenly Healthy

 Christine of Oatmeal in my Bowl “[My daughter] And knowing that I can keep up with her energy levels, hang in their for the long term, and be a healthy role model for her”

Christine from Oatmeal in my Bowl


Did I forget someone?? oh, no… that’s it.
haha.. just kidding… I wanted to give THIS girl a hard time, because she KILLED it on twitter, I never saw so many tweets for someone as this girl Heidi! Congrats Heidi!!

Heidi of Banana Buzzbomb I’m inspired to sweat because every step I take in my run, every circuit I complete, every mile I ride, and every length I swim makes me a better, healthier, and happier person than I was yesterday.” 

Heidi from Banana Buzzbomb



BLOGGERS can Win a Ticket to #InspireLV12


Helllllllllooooo BLOGGERS and FAN PAGES!!

OMG we’re so lucky to announce that our new meeting space has a little extra room, so instead of selling those tickets we wanted to let FIVE of you have the chance to WIN, ATTEND, and Come to VEGAS!!

(ok, so we can’t pay for your flight or anything, but we can at least let you come to the workshop free)


#1. Publish a 50-100 word blog about “What Inspires you to sweat”

— include link in the blog to registration page:

#2. Post Blog on FB and Twitter using the hashtag #inspireLV12

#3. EMAIL the link to the blog to BY midnight SEPTEMBER 10, 2012




Thank you to our Diamond Sponsor MPG Sport

I need your vote!

Screen shot 2012-08-25 at 10.03.36 PM

OK, if you’ve been on Facebook, Twitter, or opened your emails, this may not be news but…

I’m writing with some really exciting news… Last week, I entered a contest hosted by entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown called “Entrepreneurs Who Thrive”–and I just found out  that Ali chose me as one of her TOP 10 finalists!

If I win this contest, I’ll not only be named “Thriving Entrepreneur of 2012″, but I’ll also have the opportunity to win HUGE exposure for my The Sweaty Betties, and the chance to meet with Ali for a half-day business consultation. (If you haven’t already heard of Ali, she’s the real deal, listed as one of Forbes’ “Women to Watch”, appearing on Fox Business Network, taking her company to the Inc. 500 list, and more.)

And here is where I’d love YOUR support. Right now, you can vote for me to help me win the contest! Just go to this link, and follow the instructions to submit your vote: 


Just hurry, because the last day to submit your vote for me is TUESDAY, August 28, 2012 at midnight. I’d really appreciate it! :)


Closing in on 25k Fans– 25 Prize Giveaway!!


The fans on this page have been so amazing! We love you so much and want to do a BIG giveaway! The Facebook Page is getting so close to 25,000 FANS so we have 25 gift bags donated by Mondetta Performance Gear (MPG) filled with goodies from The Tea Spot, and coupons from many more sponsors. (WATCH VIDEO BELOW)


There will be FIVE grand prizes these will be sent out as a SURPRISE!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win a chance to Google Hangout with US !! (and a tank top!)

SB Pic

Hey Sweaty Betties– we want a chance to MEET one of you, but we also need your help…
Its going to be Danny’s Birthday on March 2nd and she wants to see our page get to 15,000 “likes for her birthday present
We want YOU to print a picture (or MAKE one) of our logo and take a picture of yourself somewhere, post it on our wall and get as many of your family and friends to like it as you can… whoever gets the most “likes” on their picture by March 2nd WINS a 20 min. Google Hangout with us AND a “I am a Sweaty Betty….Don’t be a B!tch” tank top!
So start getting your pictures ready and submit them by Feb 28th!

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