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Sweaty Betties Ambassador SPOTLIGHT!!Astrid

Astrid is the spunky gal from the Facebook Page Better Believe Fit and

I first fell in LOVE with Astrid when I saw her posting videos of herself doing some of the Sweaty Betties workouts and I thought “Damn! This girl is in good shape!!”
Then I found out that she has quite the story herself:

Astrid is a  wife and mother to two awesome kiddo’s 2 1/2 and 7 yrs old. She founded Better Believe Fit a little over a year and a half ago simply to have a place to voice her passion for finding a happier and healthier lifestyle. Her motivational and inspirational page has grown to over 11K followers on Facebook and she decided to start a website/blog
Astrid is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a HUGE love of Kettlebells and Interval Training. Not only does she teach classes at a local gym but she started offering classes twice a week in her small town at the park.
Why does she do this???
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 ” When I was overweight I was depressed and on anti-anxiety meds, I suffered panic attacks and was just miserable. I never felt like I could get control over my eating and lack of motivation. It was one excuse after another that led me further and further into a depression and struggle with eating disorders. I sat in my closet one day with my only pair of pants that I had that somewhat fit and cried…because they were now too tight! I was mad at myself and disgusted. Then I stopped making excuses to why I was this way and its like this switch got flipped…I knew that the only thing stopping me from taking control of my life was ME!!! Crazy, HUH!?!? So I started to make changes that I could live with, I started to walk and jog and the weight slowly came off. The more I have educated myself about having a healthy lifestyle the more I want to share this gift with EVERYONE I meet!!! It is possible to do it and ALL you need is a positive attitude and the willpower to keep going!!! So I got my Personal Training and Group Fitness Certs and here I am. My life has changed so much and I am a MILLION times happier. My husband and my kids get to have the best of me for much longer and that alone is worth every single drop of sweat. When someone tells me I have inspired them to not give up and just keep going THAT is what makes me know I will NEVER give up and I will ALWAYS be here to motivate and inspire anyone anytime they need it”
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Astrid takes this passion and puts it to work on her websites and Facebook page with Workouts, Videos, Recipes, Healthy eating tips and lots of fun and OH YES! an occasional pic of The Rock thrown in for good measure ; ) If you are local to her in Harrisonburg, VA you can get in a great workout at one of her classes for Interval Training and Kettlebells, or even schedule a one on one training session. Either way she will be sure to whip your butt into shape in no time ; )
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