Back-to-School September Challenge

Remember back in the day (maybe 4th grade-ish) the Presidential Fitness Tests? (or similar fitness testing?)

Well… its Back-to-School Time —time to do it again! Lets establish a baseline!

Here’s the Challenge: 


Only 3 tests:

1. Walk/jog/run 1 mile for time: You can do this on a track or treadmill. Just do your best!
2. Sit-ups for 1 minute: Lock your feet down (or have a partner hold them) then cross your arms over your chest and go!! (elbows must touch your knees to count)
3. Push-ups to Failure: Do as many push-ups as you can (with good form) you may do them on your knees. As soon as you “come down” thats it!

The main goal is to TRY! Do your best! Then for the next 4 weeks, lets work on that fitness level and we’ll test again! Can’t wait to see the results!! READY… SET… GO!!




3. Work your ass off for a month— (incorporate the exercises during the week!)

—— Mondays: Do 3 sets of 30 sit-ups at the end of your workout

——-Wednesdays: Walk/Jog 1.5 miles as warm-up for cardio

——-Fridays: Do 3 sets of 15-25 push-ups

4. Record Scores Again October 26-30th


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  1. I’m up for this challenge! I am not a runner, so Wednesdays should be quite the challenge.

    9/4/12 —
    Mile: 8:00 exactly
    Sit-ups: 25
    Pushups: 32

  2. This is perfect, I have only been riding my bike and decided it is time to start working out again. I can’t wait to see how much stronger/faster I am by the end of the month.

    Sept 5
    Mile: 12:14
    Sit-ups: 30
    Push-ups: 10 (mom laughed and said she can do 30, gotta catch up!)

  3. Sept 6
    Mile: 8:16
    Sit-ups: 28
    Push-ups: 25

    Hopefully I can improve this month, in the sit-ups and push-ups at least. I have been running for years and have never been fast so I am not sure how much that will improve. I will make sure to run sprints every week and see if that helps.

  4. K pretty darn thrilled with my numbers having just come off and injury!
    September 9
    11:30 mile
    22 sit-ups
    15 push-ups

    Well there is plenty of room for improvement! :)

  5. 10:03 mile (damn near a land speed record for me) 46 sit ups and 35 push ups.

  6. Awesome!

  7. Am I the only one still doing this? I WIN!!!

    9:56 mile (the fastest i’ve ever run. I am not what you’d call a runner.)
    41 Sit Ups (5 down from last week)
    37 Push Ups (2 more than last week)

    I don’t think my sit ups and push ups will go much higher, but I would like to get my mile down.

  8. do you do this every month? I need a challenge.

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