Easiest Protein Shake and Protein “Whipped Cream”


I have long used egg whites as a fitness competitor and someone who is just trying to stay healthy.
They are so versatile, as you can mix them, drink them, scramble them, bake them, and even use them in your beauty routine (so I’ve heard)

My favorite breakfast for over 7 years was oatmeal cooked with 1/4c. AllWhites® 100% liquid egg whites stirred in (to make it fluffy like a cake) and then topped with egg whites “whipped cream” (see the cake theme here?)

AllWhites 100% liquid egg whites is my go-to main ingredient for a list of reasons:

  • Contains 100% real liquid egg whites
  • Rich in protein
  • No cholesterol
  • No fat
  • Half the calories of traditional whole eggs
  • Less than 1% carbohydrate content
  • Each serving contains 5 grams of protein, 0 grams of fat and only 25 calories
  • Pasteurized for safety and is actually safer than traditional whole eggs.

I also love a quick protein shake after a workout and this is one of my favorites to do at home without any equipment


Here is how to make the protein shake and the special whipped cream made with AllWhites 100% liquid egg whites

How to make Protein Whipped Cream with AllWhites 100% liquid egg whites


All you need for the “whipped cream” is AllWhites 100% liquid egg whites and Stevia!


The protein shake just requires flavored creamer and AllWhites 100% liquid egg whites.



AllWhites 100% liquid egg whites  is also sponsoring a GIVEAWAY!

One winner chosen at random will get a Blender Bottle and Under Armour Training Mat

all you need to do is LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW and let me know which recipe you’d like to try!

What are your favorite egg whites recipes?




This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AllWhites 100% liquid egg whites. The opinions and text are all mine.



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AllWhites Egg Whites. The opinions and text are all mine.

New Year’s Workout and Hydration Tips


It’s that time of year: New Year’s Resolution time!

I know a lot of you want to get back on the wagon, lose a few lbs., run farther, or just start eating better… and I don’t blame you!
I love having a fresh start!

After nearly 4 years of NO consistent workouts, lots of rest from the gym to heal from adrenal fatigue, I’m finally back on a plan. I’ve been doing TreadLIFT created by my friend Jill Coleman for the past 4 weeks and I’ve seen some amazing progress in my body composition, endurance and strength.

What I love is just having something short and sweet that I can do and get on with my day.
I know that small consistent steps create massive results.

I also started making my hydration a priority.

I started keeping a bottle of water on my nightstand so that when I wake up, I can just roll over and chug! I have always had a hard time with water because… well, the taste (or lack of it)
I just came across these amazing distilled electrolyte waters from Simple Truth and they have some great flavor options and also these:

  • Available in 24 pack and 1 liter bottles
  • 4 flavors in 1L – Blackberry Blueberry, Lemon, Mandarin Orange and Tropical Mango
  • Approximate ¼ price of national brand equivalent water (#FindTheMoneyProject !)
  • No artificial sweeteners, preservatives or calories (boom!)
  • Distillation process: Municipal water is steamed; the vapor is collected and condensed.
    • Distillation removes all impurities and minerals.
    • Electrolytes are added for taste (calcium chloride, potassium bicarbonate and magnesium chloride)
  • Four servings of water are contained in each 33.8 fluid ounce bottle (at eight fluid ounces or one cup each).


So here is a workout you can do just about anywhere (with a few pieces of equipment) and make sure you’re hydrated before, during and after with Simple Truth water

Twisted 25 Workout





Jump Squats


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kroger. The opinions and text are all mine.

Take a moment for yourself this autumn

Daylight savings made the days shorter real fast!
It seems like there is less time to get things done in the day, and now it’s more important than ever to take some time for yourself this season.

One of the ways I like to take a little time out is to go for a short hike or walk on the beach. (I know the beach isn’t available to everyone, but a nice walk around the block or around a park is just as great!)


Taking some time in nature is like a walking meditation for me; it gives me time to reflect, time to appreciate the surroundings, it lowers cortisol and stress and makes me feel alive.

When I’m out, I usually like to bring a small bottle of water and have a snack on hand to have afterward to re-fuel.

File_000 (1)

I like to grab something healthy like a piece of fruit, baby carrots, or a handful of healthy nuts.

Orchard Valley Harvest announced two new wellness mix varieties added to its growing portfolio of Non-GMO Project verified, no artificial ingredient, fruit and nut Multi Packs (eight, one-ounce pouches) the Omega-3 Mix & Antioxidant Mix. These are the perfect size and portions to take on a walk, keep in my pocket or bag and have just the right amount of sweet and crunch to be satisfying.


-The Antioxidant Mix offers a good source of Vitamin E with a delicious blend of roasted almonds, dried sweetened cranberries, blueberries, roasted cashews and pepitas.

-The Omega-3 Mix provides an excellent source of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) Omega-3 with 55% of the 1.6 Daily Value of ALA in a delicious blend of walnuts, dried sweetened cranberries and blueberries, almonds and pistachios

-There are eight, one-ounce inner pouches inside each Orchard Valley Harvest Multi Pack and they are the perfect stash-n-go size!


-For additional information about the expansive Orchard Valley Harvest product line and retailer availability, please visit www.orchardvalleyharvest.com

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Orchard Valley Harvest. The opinions and text are all mine.

5 Hour Energy plus Protein = More out of Life


You’d think that summer equals quiet time, more relaxing, and chilling…

but its not!

My days are still busy as ever and finding energy, especially to jump start my morning or midday isn’t always easy. It’s also not always easy to get some quick and easy protein in to make sure my metabolism is going all day.

You know that I love my coffee, but something about hot coffee on a hot day just doesn’t do it for me and I really don’t care for iced.

I was recently contacted by the makers of  5-hour ENERGY®Protein to create some unique tips to share with you, and I thought, this might be a great way to get that energy I’ve been needing and really see how I can fit this into my busy life.

Energy WITH protein… yes please!

I was actually just on my way to the gym and I decided to stop at a Walmart and found both Regular and Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY®Protein. I started with the regular for my mid-afternoon workout.


The super convenient size made it easy to just throw in my purse and take right before my workout.


I went into the gym and crushed it! Usually it will take me a little bit to get going, especially that time of day, but I felt fantastic and even better after I was finished!


The next day I decided to skip the gym and just head out for a nice hike in the morning. Since I was just starting my day, I decided on Extra Strength.


My hike was amazing! I felt so solid, strong and clear. My dog Peanut started to fall behind ME which was a first! LOL

If you’re looking for that morning or midday pick me up and you’re trying to make sure you get enough protein, 5-hour ENERGY®Protein is such a perfect way to get more out of life!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of 5-hour Energy. The opinions and text are all mine.

Join The Movement

2015-10-31 10.03.02

Wow!! I definitely used to be one of those people.
In 2009-2011 the market had crashed so bad where we lived, my husband and I made the very hard decision to let our house go into foreclosure.

Since that time, and since 2013, we decided to live like no one else and never get in that situation again.

We weren’t any different than most.
We didn’t go out often, had student loans and no car payments, but we definitely weren’t prepared with any buffer or savings.

Once we found financial freedom for ourselves, we wanted nothing more than to help other families find the same!

You do not have to live paycheck to paycheck.
You can take your family on trips and make more memories!!

You can live in a nicer neighborhood, go to better schools and spend more time with loved ones and less time working… but it’s going to take a few small changes and mind-set shifts.

Did you learn about money in school?

Neither did I!!

I think it’s time we start talking about it and creating a conversation about freedom.

One of the big, scary things we did, as a couple was sit down and highlight what we were actually spending.
We realized that we were basically eating ourselves into a financial hole.

We aren’t extravagant and the realization that a thousand tiny holes can sink a ship really hit home.

SunTrust Bank has created the #onUp Movement to help you (and me) set goals and gain more financial confidence!
You can take the pledge, take your Mental Wealth Quiz and set a goal for yourself and your family. (and find awesome tips as well)

Head over to OnUp.com and join me! Let’s get #OnUp

At SunTrust Bank their purpose is lighting the way to financial well-being. When you feel confident about your money, you can save for your goals and spend knowingly on what matters most to you.  

The onUp movement was created to guide millions of people one step at a time towards a more financially confident life without ever losing sight of the moments that matter along the way.

Join the growing number of people transforming their stress into positive motivation to move onUp.

Join the movement


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust. The opinions and text are all mine.

Tasty Solutions for Holidays with IBS and a Giveaway!

My fave fizzy Fruit Sparkler

As a trainer, and creating meal plans for people, I naively thought all I needed to do, was take my clients food preferences into consideration.

I learned that so many people suffer from bouts of IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis or other digestive issues that make just eating, “normal, healthy” food an often miserable experience.

Not only can it be time consuming and difficult to find what one “can” eat, it can make social events hard to attend and the holidays can be very difficult!
According to a Harris Poll* conducted on behalf of VSL#3, the following was found among IBS sufferers:

  • 37% indicate their condition is extremely/very problematic
  • 63% tried to manage their condition by making changes to their diet on their own
  • 24% have tried a low-FODMAP diet

When someone is looking to manage IBS, it isn’t just about them being picky, it is a necessity to keep them feeling good long-term.

Probiotics are one way that can help manage IBS and other digestive problems.

While many people are familiar with the term “probiotics,” most do not understand the importance of knowing which specific strain of organism should be used for which specific disease or condition. *

VSL#3 is a high-potency probiotic medical food that is clinically proven in the dietary management of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis (UC) and ileal pouch.

VSL#3 is at least 10 times more potent than the average probiotic.

Right now you can enter the IBS-Friendly Feast Giveaway for a chance to be the Grand Prize Winner — You will receive a cooking class for two at your local William Sonoma or Sur la Table stores and custom IBS-Friendly Recipes from VSL#3

Five runners-up will also receive a one-month supply of VSL#3

ENTER BEFORE 11/25 at 12pm EST

My favorite recipe collection of low-FODMAP recipes

My favorite recipe collection of low-FODMAP recipes

I LOVE the Fizzy Fruit Sparkler from page 43 of Patsy Catsos’ Recipe book, Flavor without FODMAPs Cookbook.

It’s like a cocktail without the hang over!

My fave fizzy Fruit Sparkler

My fave fizzy Fruit Sparkler


VSL#3 is available at your local pharmacy. Please ask your pharmacist for VSL#3 as it is kept behind the pharmacy counter in the refrigerator.

ORDER VSL#3 ONLINE HERE use the code “DOCTOR” at checkout for $5 off!!

LIKE VSL#3 on FACEBOOK for giveaways and exclusive offers

Check out this Video Series packed with helpful info about IBS & UC for yourself and family members.

VSL#3® is a high-potency probiotic medical food that’s clinically proven in the dietary management of IBS, ulcerative colitis, and ileal pouch. To learn more visit www.vsl3.com and LIKE the brand on Facebook.





This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. All opinions, text and experiences are my own. VSL#3® is a high-potency probiotic medical food for the dietary management of IBS, UC and ileal pouch and must be used under medical supervision. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* Harris Poll conducted the GI Issues Survey on behalf of VSL#3. The survey was administered online within the United States between April 1-7, 2015 among 607 adults ages 18+ who have been diagnosed with a digestive or gastrointestinal condition, irritable bowel syndrome, or ulcerative colitis, ileal pouch (“sufferers”)

Workout Tools you never thought of!

2015-08-02 20.14.43

It’s no secret, I have been living on the road for the past year, and my life and workouts have changed!

Just two months ago, my husband and I took the RV and moved semi-permanently to Utah, to live with Grandma on her farm and help her with her animals. Oh, at the same time, I also purchased a BRAND NEW phones, after destroying mine on a cruise, by leaving it on a deck chair in the heat and dropping it. (womp, womp, womp)

Even though, now we are in a permanent location, we are are 20 miles from a gym, and it’s just not all that time or fuel-efficient to drive to one every day.

Needless to say, I have no problem with creativity; and the mountains, hills, trails and outdoor scenery of Southern Utah, can’t be beat.

I realized, that many of you may have some of the same struggles.

I always grew up in a city or suburb and it literally never occurred to me that someone couldn’t get to the gym.

However, being in this lifestyle for the past year, not only do I see how someone couldn’t but also how they may not WANT to!!

I’m going to give you a few of my new “Active Lifestyle” Tips and Workouts.

1. Trail Running or Hiking: I LOVE getting out and exploring, especially at sunset. I keep my phone on me at all times and have downloaded a cool app that tracks where I am on GPS (great safety feature too!), my distance, and speed.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 is a screen protector that dramatically improves protection against drops, and I can say; that is definitely the kind of peace of mind I need with my phone out there on the rocks and rough ground.

I tend to start with a half a mile jog up our hill, then I like to play games with myself by walking until I am breathing normal again, then I’ll find a tree out in the distance and jog until I reach it, then walk again.

It’s a fun way to challenge myself, enjoy the scenery and competed with my progress from before.

Sometimes, I will switch up the route as well, or just track my miles to see if I can add a little distance.

You can search for a running app in your app store and do the same!

2015-08-02 20.14.43

2. Biking: I haven’t been on a bike for over ten years, but I went out and bought a cute little cruiser.

Our mail box is over half a mile away and that was the first practical reason for the bike. (my justification)

Then I realized, what a fun evening activity it could be, and it was also a great alternative to exercise when the horse stepped on my toe and I couldn’t walk!!

I use my app on my bike rides, and love to make different routes, but have you ever put your phone in your pocket and then sat down?


In laboratory tests, Gorilla Glass 4 survives up to 80% of the time when dropped from 3 feet high, and was up to 2x tougher than competitive glass designs.

Because there are some good hills in the area, I generally try to find a route where I have 2-4 really hard pushes up hill (but that also includes 2-4 downhill coasts… wheeee!!) This is fun, because my legs get a totally different burn than the hikes and I feel more accomplished because I can cover twice as much ground on the bike! ha!

Screenshot 2015-09-24 09.29.04

3. YardWork: Ha! not what you expected was it?

Honestly, I have gotten leaner and more toned from the yard work that from anything else in a long time!!

Handling a shovel, a rake and, chopping tree branches works my shoulders and core like nothing else!

It honestly can be boring and since I’m a huge multi-tasker, I tend to use my weed pulling, horse-poop-picking, and ground raking time as my personal development time.

I listen to business podcasts or my collection of audible books. It helps me get through the grit and dirt, and I feel like I learned something as well.

Being out with the rocks, dirt and animals, I’m glad that my phone is protected and I know that Gorilla Glass 4 is the toughest cover glass yet.

I’m pretty confident about my new routine sustaining my body and health and also loving this new lifestyle!

2015-07-24 20.40.31

Corning® Gorilla® Glass has been used on nearly 4 billion devices from 40 major brands. Is it on yours? Click here to find out

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Corning® Gorilla® Glass. The opinions and text are all mine.

Always in Beta Lifestyle with New Balance


Consideration was provided by New Balance  

I’ve always been inspired by women with stories of challenge and triumph. One of my first and favorite books I ever read was called, “Don’t You Dare Give Up,” a book about a gymnast who was paralyzed doing the sport she loved, but out of her tragedy she reinvented herself, and continued to inspire and work in other ways. I am a student of personal development. I am constantly looking to improve my lifestyle in so many ways, and always looking for something that can make just that 1% change. I am “always in beta.”

“Always in Beta. Beta is a state of relentless improvement. Where there is no finish line to what’s possible. We dream. We wake up. And improve upon yesterday.”

I am teaming up with New Balance to promote women who also live the “Always in Beta” Lifestyle. The new Fall Catalog is packed with awesome new gear, but also lots of women’s stories that will inspire you, push you, and motivate you!


If you download the Blippar App, you can Blipp the page to see awesome content, videos and get to know the NB Women and their stories in a really cool way!   I was obsessed with this new collection, especially the colors and feel of the NB Ice Collection!   The contrast of the blues and bright yellows makes me feel unstoppable!!


The Capris have an awesome, wide and flattering waistband and feel amazing on my skin.  


Let’s talk bras. Let’s get real here, sports bras are my best friend, but I don’t always like how they can smash everything and make me look like I wasted $4000 on a boob job (hahaha) The “Tenderly Obsessive” bra is seriously genius. I need one for every day of the week.


First, it’s cute and matches my hot shorts. (Bonus) There is a soft, shaped, cup on each side, with a nice bit of padding for smoothness (but not those awful removable pads that bunch up and you can never fit back in!!) It’s comfortable, stylish and gives great support and lift. #winner Speaking of shorts. I’ve never been a shorts kind of girl. Mostly because I was too worried about things being squeezed and creating more bulges and bumps than necessary. The Premium Performance Hot Shorts are so flattering, with the wide waistband, great coverage, and they stay put when running or stretching.


Last, it’s fall, and I LOVE the weather and cozy, soft sweaters, jackets and windbreakers. New Balance nailed it with the Heat En Route Jacket; it’s gorgeous, comfy, has the fun thumbholes that I love and feels so soft!


I’m so excited for fall hiking, long walks, trail running and pumpkin lattes and of course, Always Living in Beta. What are you excited for this fall and what pushes you to always live the Beta Lifestyle?     WE THE WOMEN of New Balance have created this collection of fitness apparel and footwear inspired by our shared LOVE OF SPORT, drive to discover what’s next, and passion for WHAT’S POSSIBLE. Welcome to NB WOMEN where every tight fits right, every layer works hard, and every shoes lets you moved with perfect freedom. Take a look and find WHAT YOU LOVE. www.newbalance.com  


Are you waiting for a rainy day or planning your SUNNY day?


If you have been with me awhile, you may have ended up on one of my financial webinars, where I shared a pretty personal story from 2011-2012 when my husband and I decided to foreclose on our home in Las Vegas and file bankruptcy, due to the huge down turn in the economy in our area (and most of the country).

It was a tough decision and one that left us living with friends, applying for food stamps and re-assessing our financial goals and our future.

We had done a lot of home renovations on our home before losing it, and it was money we had at the time, so quite the bummer to think that we lost it all!

The whole experience was a HUGE wake up call on how we lived and how we looked at our finances.

I’ll admit, for awhile I was scared of money.

I was scared to have it, for fear it would just be taken away!

However, I started to do a lot of research. Read books written by financial planners. Read blogs from banks and from money websites.

I realized that our thoughts around money can shape our lives in ways that affect our confidence and ultimately our relationships and more!

We were always taught to “Save for a Rainy Day”, but the funny thing is, no one WANTS a rainy day.

When Nate and I moved into an RV last year, EVERYONE thought that was cool and asked how we did it… well.. we decided to save for a SUNNY DAY.

We started reading all about budgets and saving and different plans.

We decided, that we were no longer going to live how we lived before and we were going to put away money for emergencies but also save for the things we WANTED because you never know when things can change.

We did it. We bought a 1996 Fleetwood Southwind and it needed quite a bit of remodeling inside!!


Home Depot seemed like our second home!!



I just came across Sun Trust Banks Resource Center, and I love it because it walks you through and helps you set up different accounts and gives you ideas on what is possible.

I think when you are in a financial hardship, you really lose sight of what is possible.

I wish I had a road map or just an easier way to look at things when we were struggling and Sun Trust has really made this possible!

For us, the freedom of a mobile “house” was a dream. We also wanted to remodel, just like our old house.

Here is our kitchen!!




Maybe moving in an RV isn’t your right now deal..but I want to know– what is YOUR Sunny Day?

Is it owning a home? Remodel? Trip of a life time?

Leave a comment below!



Sunny Days start here.  At SunTrust, they have the tools and resources to help you achieve your sunny day. Start here to find out how they can help you enjoy the things that matter to you.

At SunTrust Bank their purpose is lighting the way to financial well-being. When you feel confident about your money, you can save for your goals and spend knowingly on what matters most to you.  They know we all live for the sunny days and want to you help you live yours.

For even more sunny day inpiration visit yoursunnyday.com

Subscribe to the Shine newsletter and receive inspiration and advice twice a month to help you live for a sunny day.

Visit the SunTrust resource center anytime for help achieving your financial goals.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust Bank. The opinions and text are all mine.

Walking Whenever Wherever #walkoutwednesdays


As you know, I’m a traveling gypsy.
Living on the road also includes lots of flights out of town.


The hardest part of this lifestyle IS making time for exercise or activity.

I know my life isn’t typical, but, I think many of you can relate to the fact that maybe having kids and running around, it’s hard to find the time to get daily consistent exercise.

I started using the Omron Activity Tracker about 6 weeks ago, and it has been really fun to keep track of what I actually am doing, instead of feeling like a loser for not going to the gym.


For instance: yesterday, was a busy, busy, busy busy, day going to a conference. I had to walk a LOT but didn’t seem like “enough”.

I was bummed about not going to the gym during the conference, but guess what?!?!

I walked over 5 MILES!! and climbed a BUNCH of stairs!!


It was so awesome to see that, so instead of being upset about not doing anything, I realized I did a lot!!

In honor of the Omron “Walk Out Wednesday” campaign, a friend and I also decided to talk a walk BEFORE the madness began this morning and we felt so good about it!



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Omron. The opinions and text are all mine.