Ass With Sass (Knee-Friendly Booty Workout)

Holla!! Ok I’m back in the swing of things, and before I post another Sweaty Betties Metabolic Workout, I wanted to do a GLUTE specific one because, after a 22 hour car ride… MINE needed it! I have a feeling a lot of you could use it too 😉

There are 6 exercises– done for 30-45 seconds each and you can repeat 3 times.
Do this at the end of your workout, or just add it any night while you’re watching your favorite shows

(twice a week is recommended)

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Absolutely going to crank these after the 12 hour drive to Charlotte, NC next week. UGH!! Love the wall hip thrusts – was just thinking it would be fun to try with feet on a balance ball, too. Rock on, Sweaty Betty!! :)

  2. This is absolutley funn….very upbeat. I will deffenitley add These to my workouts

  3. Fantastic! Do you recommend each exercise three times, or do the whole thing, then start over times 3?

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