Are we going Paleo?

Since starting the #JERFChallenge I have become even more intrigued with Paleo Lifestyle and finding myself on many more Paleo Blogs looking for recipes. I got this book a few weeks ago, but I moved and didn’t get a chance to dig into it, but since starting the #JERF Challenge I’ve really been tearing through the pages and learning a lot!

You can get the book at
or order for your Kindle

and of course, don’t forget to check out my favorite paleo blogs:
Civilized Caveman Cooking


Nom Nom Paleo

and last but not least, George’s Latest Ebook Cookbook with 200+ paleo living recipes


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  1. Yes! Been Paleo for 2 years now. It changed my life. Not just the way I eat, but the way I leave. When I read a label I would only look at calories, carb, and fat. Never the ingredients. Now I rarely eat anything from a package and if it does come from a package I only look at the ingredients. This also goes for my beauty and home cleaning products.

  2. Somer Hyde says:

    Ever since I was required to “like” the civilized caveman cooking site to enter in the SB raffle thinger, I’ve been researching a bit on what Paleo is as well. I for one, have a reeeeally hard time with digestion and I am so interested to know if I can figure out how to Paleo-ize myself. I don’t each much bread or dairy for that matter, but when I eat my meals now, I wonder if I could still eat this and be Paleo. Then I start thinking, well I’d have to make this part myself and remove this part….and then I realize that being Paleo might be difficult, or possibly expensive/time consuming? Nonetheless I really would love to give it a shot! I should give in and buy a book about it :)

    • I don’t think its expensive or time consuming… I guess it CAN be… buying real, whole food is def a little more cost than packaged, but if you prepare meals in bulk or ahead of time, that helps 😉

  3. Justin Bassett says:

    I think it’s kind of funny that I’ve been reading Paleo material again this past week and last night and today have been talking with my girlfriend extensively about it and deciding to start here soon…and then you make a post on it. What makes it so funny to me is that I was just wondering today if you’ve done any paleo research/testing, especially with your slow-cooker stuff you did recently; I was even just looking at that book and her site today…lol. I’ve found some books on paleo slow cooking and was going to combine that with your bagging trick to try and get my eating back on-track. Anyway, should be starting Paleo myself here soon as well as my girlfriend, so we’ll see how things go.

    • yes~!! I made the most AMAZING slow cooker pork last week off George’s page… he’s seriously my go-to page for this stuff!! and there’s a bacon chili (even though I dont like bacon, sometimes I keep it out) on PaleOMG page that I was obsessed with all summer.. hmm I think I’ll make it again in the fall.
      I’m going to post some new crockpot recipes here probably next week toO!

  4. I’ve been considering switching to Paleo eating as well. My body responds better with less bread/pasta/etc and more proteins. Side note: You look like you’ve been mastering your metabolism issue — you look like you’ve lost weight!! Do you think eating Paleo has been helping you with that?

    • Thanks Amy!
      Yes, I’ve lost weight recently, actually I dropped about 6 lbs in a week when I moved and it most definitely was NOT the diet, we were driving, having fast food, I even had pancakes, pie, ugh.. junk..
      I think its just that my metabolism is finally stabilizing and getting back to normal, I’ve been in major hard core healing mode since June. I’ve been supplementing, getting to bed on time, meditating, etc.
      My diet was actually NOT that great and not even “as paleo” as usual.
      For the last almost 4 yrs I’ve been eating Paleo except oatmeal and the last year I dropped oats…. but my metabolism still wasn’t responding until I did the “inner” work and rested and took the proper supps..
      HOWEVER… now that my metabolism seems to be working again, I think I will keep it clean to help me lose the weight better;)

  5. I have been making a gradual change to paleo and really trying some great recipes. For most paleo, JERF! Meat and veggies and your set! But making some “comfort” foods paleo are great too. I just made Paleo “fried” chicken yesterday for college game day and all the guys loved it. Here is the link to the recipe if yall want to check it out!

  6. Sara Grambusch says:

    Practical Paleo is an invaluable book! You won’t regret experimenting and learning more about this way of eating! Don’t worry about getting hung up on the word “paleo”. Everyone’s “paleo” is totally different. Just find what works for you.

  7. ongratulations on making the switch! I’d love to send you a copy of my cookbook Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat! Hit me in email with your mailing address! You can never have too many fun paleo food ideas in the kitchen!

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