Angelina Jolie’s Choice to have a Double Mastectomy

I was on twitter last night and I saw a tweet from Piers Morgan:

Piers Morgan Tweet

So I clicked… and read her article, entitled My Medical Choice

Personally, I thought it was a very brave and thought-out decision by Angelina. She watched her mother struggle and suffer for 10 years fighting breast cancer. I have seen too many friends and family suffer and die from cancer in my life, I know the pain all too well.

Turns out, that she has a genetic disposition for this type of cancer and her risk is significantly higher than the average person, so she opted to have a double mastectomy to try and prevent it from happening. Here is what I thought… please let me know what you think.. I LOVE to read your comments!

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  1. I have 2 friends and my mother all were diagnosed with breast cancer all within a few months apart from each other.. 2 of them decided to have both removed. My mom was tested for the gene and she doesn’t carry it. When she was under going all her treatments I had my exam and my doctor was giving me all the options if her test came back positive. Before this, I either didn’t give it much thought or just figured I’d deal with it if I ever had to. Let me tell ya, it scared the daylights out of me with the options he was giving me. Knowing what I know now, I would without doubt have both removed. But it is hard to say what you’d until you are in that situation, but I truly do believe I would just have both taken.

  2. Yes, I would do what she did if I were in her situation.

  3. I would. Diabetes runs in my family and I was overweight. I tried to loose weight on my own but ultimately decided that having a roux en y surgery (gastric bypass) would kill two birds with one stone. One I could loose the weight and two wouldn’t likely get diabetes. Three was a surprise but I dont’ have acid reflux now either. So breast cancer predisposition? Definitely off those things!.

  4. You need to look at the research. There is no definitive studies that show that it reduces your chances. If you want to reduce your chances, follow the guidelines to reduce the risks and stay away for toxins, and estrogen promoting cancers.

    • if you have no breast tissue left, then how does it not decrease the risk? I mean, obviously, there are no guarantees that she WOULD get it… and decreasing risk factors always applies.. but are you saying she could still get it with no mammary tissue?

  5. Having Breast Cancer take my Mom when she was only 31 (I am 35) and having it on both sides of my family, I WOULD go have the surgery tomorrow!!! I had a cancer doctor tell me that even if you have the gene mutation that it does not mean you will get cancer however if I can drastically decrease my chances and in the end having nicer boobs(with reconstruction) then I would be laying on a table asap!!!

  6. Rixanne says:

    I think that it’s a combination of all the risks that add up genetic predisposition, life style, pregnancy, there are women who get breast cancer with no genetic markers … We should advocate breast health better screening and research and yes she had a very costly and innovative procedure but from what I understood she preserved the outer breast and nipple area and filled in with enhancements all it takes is one cell breast cancer does travel to other parts…. Bottom line … No guarentees. But I do send her strength and love as a female who took the stand to make the right decision for her.

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