3-2-1 Workout

This workout isn’t quite as easy as 3-2-1 but its effective and you’re done in 20 mins. So with that…. LET’S GO!!

(also, don’t forget to download your FREE 12-week workout program to print & take to the gym)

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  1. Melissa Koren says:

    WHOA!! This looks tough! When I am feeling better, I am doing this!!!!

  2. Def. gonna have to try this one out!

  3. THANK YOU for showing us your entire workout (fast motion). When a workout says 3 minutes, if I can’t make it through the entire time, I might think I’m doin it so wrong, I might as well give up. And I do. Thanks for showing me its OK not to be perfect!

    • oh girrrrrl! Its def ok NOT to be perfect.. hell, I spent the last minute doing more resting than working! ha! LOL
      and I didn’t stop the time when I rested either.. its great! Its a good gauge of progress and you learn how to pace yourself for the next time:) I didn’t want to show it all in regular speed because no one wants to watch that for 20 mins, but at least you know I did do it.. and you can see.. I rested… a lot 😉
      you got this!

  4. I just discovered your page…and already a BIG fan. WOW, I did this and am soaked. Treadmil? What treadmill, don’t need that when I got this. I looked through the rest of your workouts. Amazing! I can’t believe you give these workouts for free! Thanks so much!

    • aw so glad to have you here April! I do what I can, I realize not everyone can afford a personal trainer and not everyone can even get to a gym. Hope to see you on the newsletter and facebook!

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